After a serious accident, it is imperative that you take action to protect your legal rights. If you don’t, you could end up paying for someone else’s mistake for years to come. At Bottaro Law Firm, we help Barrington residents and accident victims throughout Rhode Island who have been injured due to:

  • Auto accidents
  • Boating accidents
  • Dog bites
  • Medical malpractice
  • Dangerous premises
  • Dangerous products
  • Slips and falls

Hundreds of clients have trusted our experienced legal team to handle their Rhode Island personal injury claims. These are some of the reasons why:

Reasons to Hire Us

1. We Win

At Bottaro Law Firm, we win for our clients. Mike Bottaro and our legal team have secured millions of dollars in compensation for clients in Barrington and throughout Rhode Island, including several million-dollar and six-figure awards. If you have sustained injuries due to a vehicle collision, medical malpractice, slip, fall, work-related incident, or other accident, we can help you win the compensation that you deserve.
2. Exclusive “No Fee Guarantee”

What is our “No Fee Guarantee”? Simply put, if we don’t win, you don’t pay. We are so confident in our ability to help our clients that we will only charge you legal fees if we win your case.
3. Free Consultation By Phone Or Online

At Bottaro Law Firm, we will conduct your initial consultation by phone or online. This way, you can learn about your rights and get to know our legal team without traveling to one of our offices. Your initial consultation is completely free and, of course, 100 percent confidential, so you truly have nothing to lose.

Find out about your legal rights in a free phone or online consultation.

4. We Return All Calls Same Day

If you call, text, or email us, you can expect to hear from us by the end of the day. While some lawyers will keep their clients waiting for days, or even weeks, Mike and the other members of our team make it a priority to respond to our clients as soon as possible.
5. Efficient Out of Court Settlements

We use time-tested negotiation tactics and innovative case strategies that are designed to help our clients secure favorable settlements well before trial. When you choose Bottaro Law Firm to handle your personal injury claim, we will attempt to secure a fair settlement offer as quickly as possible. In most cases, our clients receive top-dollar settlements without ever having to set foot in a courtroom.
6. Trial Ready

But, if the insurance companies simply refuse to settle your case, we will not hesitate to fight for your rights in court. Mike is an experienced trial lawyer, and our litigation team fully prepares each and every case for the possibility of trial. While some personal injury lawyers only focus on obtaining insurance settlements and try to avoid going to court, we are fully prepared to do what it takes to win just compensation for our clients.
7. Caring Personal Attention

We treat our clients like people, not case files.

At Bottaro Law Firm, our mission is “to be a beacon of light in helping injured people” in Rhode Island. This means that we focus on providing caring, personal attention, and that we are 100 percent committed to obtaining the best possible result in every case that we handle. We want to get to know you personally, and we want you to feel comfortable coming to us whenever you need help or want to discuss your case.

8. Free Home or Hospital Visits

We regularly meet with clients in Barrington, and if we need to meet with you in person, then we will gladly come to you. We don’t want you to travel if it is difficult to do so.

Request a free initial consultation at your home or in the hospital.

9. Hablas Espanol et Falamas Portuges

Hablamos Espanol et falamas Portuges. If English is not your first language, we have Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking employees on staff who can assist you.
10. Lawyers for the Injured Only

Unlike other law firms serving the Barrington area, all we do is represent injury victims and their families in claims for financial compensation. Our attorneys do not spend time on other types of cases, and we never represent negligent parties or the insurance companies.

If you are looking for an experienced legal team that will put your interests first and fight tirelessly to win your case, we invite you to give us a call. Let us show you the difference it makes to have our experience and commitment on your side.

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To schedule your free consultation in Barrington, call (401) 777-7777, text Mike at (401) 300-5007, or contact us online and a member of our legal team will contact you as soon as possible. Don’t delay and jeopardize your claim. Contact Bottaro Law Firm today.