Five Deadly Sins that Can Wreck Your Slip and Fall Case

Slip and Fall

A fall can be very embarrassing, painful, and traumatic. If you are a victim of a slip and fall in Rhode Island, there are five things that could jeopardize any case and related compensation. Be sure to follow these cautionary tips in the event you experience a slip and fall. 1. Failing to report it. Don’t…

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4 African American Jurists We Should All Remember


In honor of Black History Month, the Bottaro Law Firm pays tribute to a few notable African American jurists that made a difference in our courts and in our nation. Dennis Wayne Archer An African American lawyer and politician from Michigan, Dennis Wayne Archer (born 1942) served on the Michigan Supreme Court and as mayor…

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Top 4 Tips For Building A Lasting Relationship With Your Lawyer

Helpful Tips

With the passing of Valentine’s Day this month, we’ve been thinking about love, core values, forming lasting relationships – and how a client should feel good about the relationship with their personal injury attorney. Yes, there are many fish in the sea. And there are many personal injury lawyers in Rhode Island. How do you…

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New RI Traffic Law in 2017: Don’t Block the Box

Car Accident

Have you ever found yourself at a busy intersection, when the light turned green but you were unable to move forward because of cars sitting in your path? Rhode Island is trying to fix this common traffic problem. On January 1, 2017, Rhode Island’s new “Don’t Block the Box” law went into effect. This law…

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