Wrongful Death

Deathly Consequences of Children Left Behind in Cars

Car Accident

Attorneys and Civil Personal Injury Claims in RI and MA 8 child deaths in the U.S. have resulted so far in 2015 when children were left unattended in cars and suffered from heatstroke. In the year 2014, there were 31 heatstroke deaths of children in cars, and since 1998, 645 heatstroke deaths of children in…

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Civil Suit Can Bring Justice For Victims Left Short By Criminal Process


A wrongful death lawsuit recently filed in Colorado demonstrates how a civil case may help to bring justice when the criminal process fails. In 2013 Natalie Egleston, 48, was killed in a skiing accident in Colorado. According to her wrongful death lawsuit, the defendant, Virginia Chen, was “skiing wildly and out of control” resulting in a collision with Egleston…

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