Attorney Corrao Obtained $300,000 Greenwich, RI Car Accident Settlement

When our client was sandwiched in a 3 car crash in East Greenwich, Rhode Island, she knew who to call.  By contacting our team here, Attorney Corrao and the team were able to jump on her case to help guide her through the legal and medical process to an outstanding settlement.  

East Greenwich, RI Car Accident Results In Knee Replacement 

On a busy day in East Greenwich, Rhode Island, a careless driver clammed into our client with such force that it caused her to then strike the next vehicle in front.

Amanda Case

Our client’s vehicle after the accident

Within hours of contacting us, Attorney Amanda Corrao was on the case, helping to ensure that her case was properly organized and investigated.  

Amanda Corrao

Attorney Amanda Corrao

In the crash, our client suffered personal injuries to her neck, shoulders, and knees.  Of note, her right knee had a pre-existing older injury that was severely aggravated when she struck her knee in the car accident.  

 Can I Recover Settlement For An Aggravated Knee Injury From A Car Accident?

Our client needed caring guidance on her car, medical bills, lost wages, and her overall pain and injuries.  Our paralegals Meghan and Melissa assisted Attorney Corrao on all aspects of this case.

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Meghan Doyle

Amanda Blog

Melissa Franco

Attorney Corrao worked tirelessly to analyze the major issue in the case – what effect would the client’s underlying, pre-existing knee injuries have on her legal causation?  Due to her work, she was able to establish facts to support Rhode Island law on providing compensation to those who “aggravate” their underlying condition.  In this case, doctors recommended for the first time ever, that after the car accident, the client undergo a total knee replacement.

After undergoing the surgery and rehabilitation, our client told us that she felt cared for by our team and is feeling stronger every day! Ultimately, through hard work and care, Bottaro Law recovered $300,000.00 for our client!

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