Rear-End Car Accidents: Denton v. Universal Am-Can, Ltd.

May 15th, 2018

One of the most common types of car accidents that occur are rear-end collisions. These accidents can range from a low-speed contact hit to a chain reaction crash on a highway; similar to what happened to James Denton in 2011. 1

Denton v. Universal Am-Can, Ltd.

James Denton, 53, was driving southbound on the highway in Jasper County, Indiana. While Denton was driving, he noticed traffic began to slow down due to an elderly person driving on the shoulder going in the wrong direction. David Johnson, however, did not realize the change in traffic, and rear-ended Denton’s Jeep with his semi-tractor trailer – resulting in a chain reaction crash.1

From this accident, Denton suffered back, neck, and knee injuries. These injuries resulted in nine surgeries, including a total left knee replacement; discectomy, and fusions at C4-5 and L5-S1 on the spine.1 He now suffers from chronic pain and urinary incontinence, leaving him unable to return to work.

Case Results

Denton and his wife sued Johnson and his employers after the accident occurred. They claimed that the employers were liable for hiring and retaining an irresponsible Johnson – who had a poor driving history, including a felony conviction from a road-rage incident. 1 Denton also sued Johnson for failure to keep a proper lookout on traffic changes.

Johnson and his employers were not the only parties the plaintiffs sued. Denton and his wife also sued the elderly driver’s estate; the broker who contracted with one of Johnson’s employers to transport the load; the manufacturer who was working with the broker; and another truck driver who hit him on the highway.1 All of these were settled before the trial occurred for a total of $285,000, including $100,000 from the elderly driver’s estate.

The jury awarded Denton and his wife with more than $54.16 million, including $35 million in disciplinary damages.

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1: Denton v. Univ. Am-Can Ltd., No. 15 L 1727 (III. Cir. Ct. Cook Cnty. Oct. 16, 2017)