$95,000 Nursing Home Transportation Settlement

A family avoided out-of-pocket bills associated with RI nursing home negligence.

Family Avoids Out of Pocket Bills Associated With RI Nursing Home Negligence

The Defendant owned and operated a Rhode Island nursing home. Our client resided at the nursing home due to memory difficulties. One day, the Defendant transported our client and other residents in their van. During transport, the driver struck a speed bump too fast, causing our client to suffer a painful compression fracture in her lower back. As a result, our client was rushed to the hospital where she had an inpatient stay and needed to wear a Jewett Brace for several weeks to help heal the fracture.

Initially, the Defendant’s insurer refused to accept responsibility for this avoidable accident, and the Rhode Island nursing home attempted to charge our client’s family for expenses directly caused by their driver’s negligence. After the family contacted Bottaro Law’s RI nursing home abuse lawyers, we helped stop the bills, complete legal paperwork, and investigate and pursue the case through litigation. Following discovery, including depositions and expert disclosure, the nursing home paid $95,000.00 to settle the case before trial.