St. Patrick’s Day Weekend – Having Fun While Being Safe

March 15th, 2019

Did you know that Rhode Island is ranked 5th in the country for residents claiming Irish ancestry? St. Patrick’s Day, however, is the day that everyone is Irish – inviting people to party with a lot of beer and corned beef.

This weekend might be an enticing time to push your luck, but always be sure that safety is your number one priority this holiday!

St. Patrick’s Day and Drunk Driving

Irishmen might be able to hold their liquor, but they still need to make sure they do not drink and drive after a night of celebrating their heritage. About ¾ of fatal drunk driving crashes occur on St. Patrick’s Day, usually involving a driver who is 2x over the legal drinking limit.

Being the fourth most popular day of drinking, people should keep in mind some key safety tips before celebrating a little too much and risk getting in a car accident. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recommends:

  • Designating a sober driver or use alternative transportation before the festivities begin
  • Never letting a friend or party goer drive drunk, arrange a safe way for them to get home
  • Don’t get in the car with a driver who is intoxicated, even if they say they are “just buzzed.”

If you have plans for a St. Patrick’s Day party, it is still imperative that you and your guests stay safe – even in the comfort of someone’s home. If you are hosting a party:

  • Make sure all your guests are of legal drinking age and have designated their sober drivers in advanced
  • Serve plenty of food and non-alcoholic beverages at the party
  • Stop serving alcohol a few hours before the party ends and continue to serve non-alcoholic drinks and food
  • Take the keys away from anyone who is thinking about drinking and driving, either get them a ride home or let them crash at your place

Keep in mind, you can still be held liable and prosecuted if someone you served alcohol to ends up in a drunk-driving crash, which can be read about in a recent blog post.

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