Back to School? 5 Safety Tips

August 25th, 2013

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Mike Botarro’s daughter starts kindergarten this week and on Tuesday, August 27, 2013, Mike visits CBS’s “The Rhode Show” to discuss back to school safety. Below are 5 back to school safety topics to review with your child:
1. Practice The School Routine Ahead of Time

– Talk to your child about the safety tips below before school starts
– Practice your child’s morning and afternoon school routine

2. Walk/Bike Safely

– Make sure your child knows 911, and your contact info as well as not talking to strangers
– Drivers must stop for buses and allow children to safely cross the road; take special care in looking for small children on foot or bicycle before making a left or right hand turn.

3. Safely Board and Exit the School Bus

– Arrive at the bus stop early and stand safely away from the street
– Before boarding the bus: wait for the bus to come to complete stop
– When boarding and exiting the bus: Take 5 giant steps in front of the bus door before turning
– Avoid the “danger zones” located at the front and side of the bus – cross front of bus more than 10 feet away
– For more tips, check out the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration site

4. Safely Ride In The Car

– Properly install child seats – local police stations can help for free
– Keep children under 12 in the back seat – children in the front seat are 40% more likely to be injured in a car accident

5. Review The Back to School Safety Checklist

– The National Safety Council has compiled a Back to School Safety Checklist for parents to review with their children.


Our hope is for everyone to have a safe and successful school year. If you experience the unfortunate event of an accident and you or your child are injured, please call us.