Cranston Personal Injury Lawyer: The Worst Auto Insurers In RI

September 25th, 2013

Mike Bottaro Warns of Insurance Company’s Tactics

Since our last blog examining the best auto insurance company in Rhode Island, I have been asked to follow-up to answer:Which companies are currently the worst auto insurers in Rhode Island?

Again, we must first ask what is meant by “worst”? The worst in terms of price? coverage? customer service? claims handling?

There is no one company that stands out as being the worst car insurance company in Rhode Island. Nationally and certainly here, many experts consider Allstate Insurance Company to be the worst insurance company conceivably every metric known.


But there are other companies that rival Allstate (and indeed try to mimic Allstate’s model of maximizing profit at the expense of following the rule of law).

Allstate Logo

The emphasis on selling cheap insurance has changed the insurance industry for the worse. It is more difficult to find local insurance employees who know Rhode Island and are dedicated to serving our communities. Our experience as Rhode Island personal injury lawyers is that more and more interaction with auto insurance companies is done over long distance without knowledge of Rhode Island culture or law. As for the big dogs, GEICO sells a lot of car insurance in Rhode Island, but has no meaningful local presence (they do, however, have an excellent legal team to defend claims).

The Geico Gekko

Progressive, to their credit, does have a local presence and knowledgeable employees here. However, seldom have RI car accident attorneys heard lawyers or customers praise either company.


There are also car companies with less of a market share in Rhode Island to watch out for. Generally speaking, it is a mistake to trust your financial security to a company that is selling based only on price and where it is difficult to understand the policy terms or get in touch with a live human being who can help. When bad things happen, you will be glad to have avoided Allstate and their ilk.

Whether you have good or bad car insurance, if you are injured in an accident, you will need a lawyer you can trust. Call Mike Bottaro today to find out how he can help you!