Rhode Island Slip and Fall Law News: Premises Liability

October 10th, 2013

Premises Liability Attorney Protecting Victims in Rhode Island

Slip and fall Warning sign   In Rhode Island, the area of law known as “premises liability” can help protect those who suffer serious injury while on the property of another.  Serious injuries can occur when people slip and fall, trip and fall, or are otherwise injured in similar circumstances.   As we regularly handle these cases throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts, one recent article in the Huffington Post about slip and fall personal injuries caught my attention. The Huffington Post article entitled “The Terminology of Recent Slip and Fall Cases” examined three months of cases reported online and reviewed some of the more common legal terms found in these decisions.  If you are a personal injury lawyer and/or a wordsmith, you may find the article interesting.  In our Rhode Island slip and fall law practice, it is best to review recent cases to stay on top of trends, verdicts, and trial techniques. At our firm, we take pride in spending money to properly investigate and prepare our clients’ cases.  The Post article reminded me why this is so critical: Twenty one cases contained the phrase “question of fact” and two contained the phrase “disputed facts.” It is critical to immediately obtain names of witnesses and pictures of the scene. The word “video” appeared in eleven cases, the word “pictures” appeared in seven cases, and the word “witness” appeared in seventeen cases. “Surveillance” appeared in nine cases. A prudent business will install high-resolution cameras if the cost is not excessive and privacy rights are not impaired. As is well-recognized, this equipment may provide convincing evidence that leads to a rapid resolution of disputes. Additionally, since many people carry a cell phone containing a camera function, an employee or the injured party should take still photos and video of the slip and fall scene and parties. As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”  The evidence above can help a factfinder such as a Rhode Island jury determine a “disputed fact” and ultimately win your case.

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