How are truck accidents different from other types of vehicle accidents?

Cases arising from truck accidents often prove more complex and time-consuming than other types of motor vehicle accident cases for several reasons, including because they often involve:

  • More liable parties – Truck drivers as well as the freight companies that employ or contract with them may bear responsibility for causing an accident. That means that truck crash claims may become more complex, as multiple liable parties try to contest their legal liability or share of liability to compensate injured victims for their losses.
  • More injured parties – Truck accidents often involve many vehicles, especially when a crash occurs on a busy road. If many people suffer injuries from a truck crash, it can make resolving claims more complex.
  • More evidence – Thoroughly investigating a truck accident often requires reviewing many more types of evidence, including items like truck driver logs, logs from the truck’s electronic data recorder (black box), surveillance or traffic camera footage, truck inspection and maintenance records, and the load manifest detailing the truck’s cargo.
  • Complicated insurance and corporate structures – Many trucking companies have complex corporate structures and layered insurance policies that can make it difficult to determine the proper party to sue or how much insurance coverage exists to compensate injured victims.