Infographic: Texting & Driving on the Rise Among Adults

Although many people associate texting and driving with teens and young drivers, studies show that adult drivers are picking up this dangerous habit too. Our RI personal injury attorneys warn all drivers – adults included – that texting and driving is dangerous and can lead to car accidents, injuries, and even death. Help keep all motorists safe by pledging to never text and drive.

texting infographics

  • There are approximately 180 million adult drivers in the US.
  • Although 98% of adults know that texting while driving or emailing while driving is unsafe – 49% of adults admit to texting while driving.
  • 60% of these adults say they never texted while driving 3 years ago.
  • 43% say they text while driving because it’s a habit, while others admit to a desire to stay connected or be more productive.