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Pawtucket, Rhode Island, founded in 1671, is one of America’s oldest communities. It is reputedly the city where the Industrial Revolution began.  Today Pawtucket’s population of about 70,000 and its proximity to Providence renders it large enough for residents and visitors to enjoy cosmopolitan attractions such as the Pawtucket Arts Festival, yet small enough to avoid the congestion and crime that plague big-city residents. The area’s natural beauty is accentuated by the Blackstone River, the Moshassuck River, and Ten Mile River, all of which run through town, as well as pastoral attractions such as Marconi Garden and Slater Memorial Park.

A large volume of traffic passes through Pawtucket on I-95, with its notoriously dangerous S-curves near the downtown area, as well as through the historic U.S. Route 1, while local traffic keeps the Downtown Circulator busy most of the time. With all of this going on, road accidents are an unfortunate inevitability. When accidents happen, the devastation can be multifaceted – physical, emotional, and financial. At The Bottaro Law Firm, LLC, taking care of the financial devastation caused by a serious road accident due to someone else’s negligence is our profession.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much can I recover?

Although it is impossible to give an exact dollar amount prior to a verdict or settlement, an estimate can be made based on the type of losses that you can be compensated for:

  • Medical expenses (including expected future expenses)
  • Lost earnings
  • Pain and suffering
  • Physical disability
  • Disfigurement
  • Loss of enjoyment of day-to-day activities, such as exercise or hobbies

The intent is to compensate a victim for every type of loss – whether economic or noneconomic, tangible or intangible. Intangible losses such as loss of enjoyment of life are sometime compensated far more generously than tangible losses such as medical bills.

Will my claim be dismissed if I was partly at fault?

Under Rhode Island’s comparative fault principles, you can recover some amount even if the accident was partly your fault.  The proportion of your negligence will be deducted from your damages – for example, if you were 25 percent at fault, you will lose 25 percent of your damages. Theoretically, you can still recover one percent of your damages even if you were 99 percent at fault. Remember, however, that in this situation you can also be held liable for 25 percent of the other party’s damages.

Is it better to just settle out of court?

Yes and no. Yes, settling out of court (typically with an insurance company) is likely to be quicker and less expensive than a full-blown trial. However not every case is appropriate to settle if the insurance company does not make a reasonable settlement offer. Sometimes filing a lawsuit is the best way to obtain an out-of-court settlement.  Other times a case will go to trial before compensation can be achieved.  Each case is different.

Will it make a difference if the at-fault driver was driving on a commercial license?

Yes, it can make a difference in more than one way. First of all, a commercial driver is more likely to be insured than a non-commercial driver, meaning that even if he or she can’t afford to pay, the driver is probably insured by an insurance company that can. Second, even if the driver was not insured, if he or she was driving as an employee of a trucking company (rather than an independent contractor), it may be possible to sue the trucking company as well.

Third, a commercial driver is subject to more stringent legal restrictions than other drivers (commercial drivers can be arrested for DUI with a Blood Alcohol Concentration of only half the amount that would be enough to arrest an ordinary driver, for example). Once you have established that the driver broke the law, it is easier to have him or her found negligent.  

What if the victim died in the accident?

Under Rhode Island wrongful death law, if a victim dies in an accident, the executor or administrator of the victim’s estate can file a wrongful death lawsuit against the at-fault party. As long as there are surviving relatives, however, the proceeds of such a lawsuit will go to them, not to the victim’s estate. The damages available in a wrongful death lawsuit can include intangible (psychological) losses suffered by the surviving relatives.

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