Cranston, RI Car Accident Requiring Corrective Surgery

In 2012, the defendant was operating a large SUV when he pulled out of a shopping plaza without looking at oncoming traffic. Our client was driving straight when the defendant struck our client’s smaller sedan with great force. Cranston police cited the defendant for causing this RI car accident.

The force of the collision caused our client to undergo a serious back surgery. Specifically, two (2) weeks before this car accident, our client had been discharged from physical therapy relating to a multi-level lumber laminectomy surgery fourteen (14) weeks earlier. After this car accident, our client experienced significant pain and discomfort radiating from the site of his prior surgery. Ultimately, his surgeon determined that spinal hardware had become loose and therefore, our client had to undergo a second surgery.

Our firm took the case and focused on legal causation. That is, the subject insurance companies were uncooperative in disputing that our client’s second surgery was caused by this car accident. Through medical research, review of hundreds of pages of medical records, and retaining and meeting with medical experts, we established that the car accident, in fact, had played a substantial factor in causing his spinal hardware to become loose. As a result, we were able to obtain for our client the maximum benefits available from both the at fault party’s and our own client’s insurance companies, totaling over $130,000.00.

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