$42,000.00: Our Exeter, RI client suffered personal injuries during an intersection collision.

In September 2013, both our client and the defendant were leaving a parking lot in Warwick, RI. Our client was traveling straight westbound through an intersection in the parking lot at a reasonable speed. The defendant was leaving the same parking lot, traveling southbound and taking a right hand turn to leave through the parking lot exit. As the defendant was turning right, he collided with the rear passenger side of our client’s car.

Our client was transported to Kent County Memorial Hospital with multiple personal injuries. She was diagnosed with a cervical sprain and spondylosis with myelopathy, a lumbar strain, a shoulder strain, pelvic pain, bilateral pain, arm pain, leg numbness, and post-traumatic migraines. She needed several months of physical therapy for her neck, back, and leg pain.

Our Warwick, RI personal injury attorney established that the car accident was the fault of the defendant, who failed to see our client’s car as he proceeded to turn from the parking lot. As a result, our firm proceeded to obtain $42,000.00 in settlement for our client’s personal injuries.

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