Attorney Mike Bottaro Secures $75,000.00 Policy Limit Settlement

Rhode Island Motorcycle Accident Causes Personal Injuries
What began as a promising day of charitable work turned into a nightmare for our Rhode Island personal injury client motorcyclist when she was struck by a young inattentive driver.

$75,000.00 Policy Limit Settlement

In 2014, our client and her husband were biking on a single land road on their way to support a cancer bike run. The weather was clear and the road straight. Our client was in the lead. The bikers were experienced riders following the classic road “staggered formation” for two riders:

Our client was watching the eyes of a young driver approaching from the opposite direction. In horror, she realized that this driver was not looking at our biker as the car driver suddenly made a left hand turn in an attempt to enter the diner parking lot nearby. Our client could not avoid the imminent Rhode Island bike accident.

As her lawyers, we later provided the insurer for the defendant driver with diagrams and photographs establishing that this driver was wholly at fault.

$75,000.00 Policy Limit SettlementOur client was rushed to the hospital. She endured lost time form work relating to multiple injuries, including fractured teeth dislocated arm, and an ankle fracture.

Our client expressed gratitude when we efficiently helped her get the bike recovered (it was her favorite and had sentimental value) and her medical expenses paid. Thereafter, we were able to obtain a policy limits personal injury settlement for her bike accident here in Rhode Island.

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