$44,925.00: Our Bristol, RI client suffered personal injuries when her car was rear-ended.

In May 2013, our client was traveling West in the left lane on Route 37 when she stopped due to heavy traffic. The defendant failed to acknowledge our client at rest and rear-ended her. Due to the impact, our client suffered personal injuries.

Our client was transported to Rhode Island Hospital where she was diagnosed with cervical and thoracic strains, as well as migraines due to the accident. As the days went on the pain became worse. Our client suffered from months of pain and suffering and needed several months of physical therapy to improve her range of motion. She was out of work for 2 months.

Our RI car accident attorney established that the car accident was the fault of the defendant, who failed to stop in time, resulting in a rear-end collision. As a result, our firm proceeded to obtain $44,925.00 in settlement for our client’s personal injuries.

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