Tragic Pawtucket Auto Accident Caused By Elderly Man’s Inattentiveness

In this case, the Defendant was an elderly man who was driving down a residential street in Pawtucket. Our client was standing on the side of the road helping his son repair his vehicle. Suddenly, the Defendant’s vehicle veered into our client, knocking our client onto the road and dragging him under the car for over 15 feet and knocking him unconscious.

Rescue responded and rushed our client to Rhode Island Hospital. The collision caused multiple rib fractures along with ankle and pelvic fractures resulting in 16 days of inpatient stay and follow rehabilitation. Our client had been scheduled to start a new job and incurred about two months of lost wages. The family called The Bottaro Law Firm and Mike immediately responded and answered their questions. We pursued the case, helping our client complete forms, navigate his overwhelming medical expenses and lost wages, and ultimately win his personal injury case.

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