$30,000.00: Our East Greenwich, RI client suffered personal injuries when she fell on a slippery gym floor.

On one rainy November 2013 morning, our client entered her local gym to workout. As she proceeded towards the children’s room, she slipped on the wet linoleum floor and fell onto the floor with great force. At the time of the fall, our client was wearing ordinary running sneakers and there were no mats to cover the slippery floor. While helping our client, two gym employees expressed concern for the lack of floor mats. It was determined that the gym usually leased several mats to cover the linoleum floors but had recently stopped leasing them in the weeks before this incident.

Our client immediately visited a medical center for treatment. It was determined that the negligence of the gym resulted in the several personal injuries, including a fifth metatarsal fracture bone in her right foot, and sacral subluxation and sacral sprain and strain in her hip. Our client needed months of chiropractic treatment to heal her injuries.

Our RI slip and fall lawyer established that the injuries sustained were the fault of the gym who failed to protect its clients from potential personal injuries. As a result, our firm proceeded to obtain $30,000.00 in settlement for our client’s pain and suffering.

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