RI Bike Accident Lawyer Mike Bottaro Helps Get Bike Repaired And Bills Paid

When a Pawtucket woman ran a red light in 2014, it had serious consequences for our client, a lifelong Harley Davidson bike rider. The force of impact caused our client to lay the bike down on his right side, resulting in an ambulance trip to Memorial Hospital and totaling his beloved Harley.

Not the type to sue, the biker first called Attorney Mike Bottaro when the insurance company refused to properly value his Harley. Our firm quickly helped with that issue and it was soon discovered that the biker had suffered several physical injuries in addition to the damage to his bike. With limited health insurance, our client was concerned that if he treated for his injuries, his medical bills would pile up.

Based on Mike’s investigation, it was clear that the other driver was at fault. Within a short time, Mike convinced the other driver’s insurance company to accept fault for the collision and helped the biker navigate his medical treatment and insurance forms.  Ultimately, the biker made an excellent recovery in most respects to his physical personal injuries. Mike and The Bottaro Law Firm organized the biker’s case, including the liability and medical issues, and successfully argued to the at fault driver’s insurance company. The insurance company ultimately agreed to pay $50,000.00 – the best possible, maximum policy limit personal injury settlement as a result of this Rhode Island bike accident.

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