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Vehicle accidents happen every single day in both Rhode Island and Massachusetts, and the victims often call on our firm to help them recover the financial assistance they need in the aftermath.

As Rhode Island auto accident attorneys, with offices available in Massachusetts as well, we know first hand how devastating any auto accident can be for the victims and their families. Even a small-scale bump up can cause a tremendous disruption in your daily life, while more serious accidents might turn your whole world upside down.

Whatever you might be experiencing in the wake of a traffic accident, we know your struggle is real. Our office understands that the true cost of auto accidents extends far beyond the medical bills themselves, though those can certainly be extensive.

Victims also face pain, emotional distress, time away from work, lost income, and a diminished ability to live their lives like they used to. If any of those hardships sound familiar to you, we want you to know that you aren’t expected to bear those financial burdens alone.

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Donald Woodbine
Car Accident Attorney

Personal injury law in both Rhode Island and Massachusetts compels negligent drivers and their insurance companies to pay for the accidents they cause and the damages you incur as a result. Unfortunately, the other side is often reluctant to do the right thing. With our experienced Rhode Island auto accident attorneys on your side, though, you can insist that the insurance companies abide by the terms of their policies and the letter of the law.

No two auto accidents are alike. Likewise, our approach to each case is personalized and determined by the specific facts and circumstances of each accident. The type of vehicle involved is an important factor that affects everything from the value of the damages to the scope of our investigation and the legal standards that might apply.

We’ll look at several common kinds of auto accidents below. In reviewing these, please remember that The Bottaro Law Firm, LLC offers all of its clients a “No Fee Guarantee,” which means you never have to pay a penny upfront. Our fees only apply if we win your case. Winning is always our goal, and we fight hard for it.

Car Accidents

The overwhelming majority of car accidents are caused by another driver’s negligence. Even if the at-fault driver didn’t intend to cause a crash, he or she is responsible for the damages that result.

Often, recovering compensation requires litigation against the defendant’s insurance company. The Rhode Island auto accident attorneys at Bottaro Law Firm, LLC have a strong record of results when taking on even the biggest insurance companies in the world.

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Auto Accident Testimonials

Stephanie, Rhode Island

“Their staff is amazing. 24/7 they were on the clock. They were very wonderful people.”
Sandy, Rhode Island

Sandy shares her positive experience and appreciation for the hard work and time spent on her RI car accident case.

Motorcycle Accidents

Did you know that most motorcycle accidents are caused by car drivers and not by the bikers themselves? It’s true. Unfortunately, automobile drivers often have a hard time seeing motorcycles, or forget to look for them altogether. Motorcycles are small, and bikers are largely exposed while driving them. Sadly, the injuries in these cases are usually severe, and death is common.

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Bus Accidents

Bus accidents affect not only the passengers aboard the bus but also the many other vehicles and pedestrians in their vicinity. As Rhode Island auto accident attorneys, we handle incidents involving school buses, private tour buses, public transportation buses, and many others.

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Commercial Truck Accidents

Semi-trailer trucks, tractor trailers, big rigs, and other commercial trucks pose a real risk to other drivers on the road. The sheer size of these vehicles, combined with the dangerous conditions under which their drivers are sometimes ordered to work, can lead to overwhelmingly catastrophic consequences. Driver fatigue is a common cause of truck accidents.

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There are many other kinds of auto accidents in our area. Whether you have been injured as a passenger, driver, or pedestrian, our firm is here for you.

Our Rhode Island Auto Accident Attorneys Offer Aggressive Legal Representation

Auto accidents are serious business, and victims deserve the very best legal representation available. Bottaro Law Firm, LLC has a reputation as an experienced, aggressive, and compassionate advocate for victims’ rights. Our goal is to maximize your financial compensation.

We are proud to offer a “No Fee Guarantee” for every case we accept. You will never have to pay anything upfront. Our fees only apply if we win your case. Contact us right away to schedule a free consultation and start taking your next steps toward financial recovery.