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On the subject of safe driving, experts often emphasize behaviors — obeying the speed limit, maintaining a safe following distance, reading traffic signs, and following the rules of the road.

Sometimes, though, safety boils down to our senses — especially what we see and hear. Eyesight is an especially critical part of the driving experience, and whenever visibility is limited on the highway, there is good reason to be cautious.

On the roads, what you can’t see could kill you. Or, conversely, you could end up killing what you can’t see. Limited visibility is a sometimes unavoidable but potentially deadly roadway condition, and it demands heightened care.

Limited visibility generally refers to any obstacle, weather condition, personal condition, or impediment that interferes with a driver’s ability to clearly see everything in the near vicinity of his or her vehicle, roadway, and course of travel.

While limited visibility is dangerous for occupants of any vehicle, as well as for pedestrians, experts usually discuss limited visibility accidents in the context of motorcycles.

Why is that? Well, motorcycles are especially vulnerable to limited visibility accidents, thanks in part to their small size and typically dark colors.

Limited visibility motorcycle accidents usually unfold in one of two general scenarios:

  • A motorist was unable to see a motorcyclist before crashing into the bike.
  • A motorcyclist was unable to spot a hazard or another vehicle before crashing.

As RI motorcycle accident attorneys, with additional offices located throughout MA as well, we have seen far too many motorcyclists suffer serious injury and even death due to limited visibility. Our mission is to raise awareness about this dangerous roadway condition and to provide passionate legal representation to the victims and their families.

State personal injury law entitles these victims to financial compensation for the full scope of their suffering, which can be substantial. Our talented RI motorcycle accident attorneys have the command and experience it takes to stand up against insurance companies and demand that they pay every penny they owe. We know the victims in limited visibility accidents often feel they’re fighting a giant on the other side, but we are here to fight that battle for them.

What Causes Limited Visibility Accidents?

Virtually any obstacle or weather event can affect one’s ability to see. Limited visibility motorcycle accidents are most often caused by:

  • Overgrown trees or plant life
  • Inadequate illumination from street lights
  • Heavy rain
  • Thick fog
  • Particularly dark nights
  • Harsh glares from sunlight
  • The influence of alcohol, prescription medications, or illegal drugs
  • Blind spots
  • Poor road design
  • Street signs that are poorly placed / not well-maintained
  • Drivers who choose to proceed without eyeglasses or contacts
  • Fading vision in older drivers who have not had a recent eye exam
  • Dilation after an eye exam
  • Malfunctioning or defective headlights
  • Pedestrians, cyclists, or bikers who are wearing dark clothing without illumination devices
  • Animals or pedestrians darting into the road from hard-to-see areas
  • Driving while experiencing medical conditions that affect one’s eyesight
  • Many other causes

Whatever the cause of your limited visibility crash, the experienced RI motorcycle accident attorneys at The Bottaro Law Firm, LLC can help.

Factors Exacerbating Limited Visibility

Even when conditions beyond your control make it hard to see the road around you, avoiding certain behaviors can reduce the likelihood of limited visibility motorcycle accidents.

All of the following make limited visibility even worse:

  • Driving while drowsy
  • Texting while driving
  • Distracted driving
  • Speeding
  • Reckless driving
  • Failing to use windshield wipers in the rain
  • Failing to make proper use of headlights
  • Driving with faulty or defective equipment
  • Wearing dark clothing as a motorcyclist, bicyclist, or pedestrian
  • Using drugs or alcohol
  • Driving while using medications that include a drowsiness warning
  • Changing lanes without carefully checking for blind spots
  • Entering a new roadway (or making a turn) without carefully looking both ways first

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