Experienced Rhode Island Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Drivers who operate under the influence of drugs or alcohol put all of our lives in danger. They are not in adequate control of their bodies or their vehicles. We know that loss of control is a significant factor in many auto accidents, so this voluntary sacrifice of control is indefensible to say the least.

DUI auto accidents tend to have disastrous consequences for anyone and everyone involved. Some motorists, though, are at an especially pronounced risk of harm.

Motorcycle drivers have little to protect them beyond a helmet and the clothes on their backs. They have a right to use the roads like anyone else, but when car drivers behave irresponsibly, they subject bikers to an especially egregious degree of danger.

One of the basic principles of Rhode Island and Massachusetts personal injury law is that the wrongdoers “take their victims as they find them.” In other words, a drunk driver is responsible for the full scope of a biker’s injuries, just as he or she would be had they hit another car instead.

At The Botarro Law Firm, LLC, we believe that one of the most effective ways to protect our highways’ motorcyclists is to aggressively pursue justice from the drunk drivers who inflict such indescribable pain.

There is never an excuse for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Our experienced Rhode Island motorcycle accident attorneys are prepared to aggressively defend our clients’ rights against the reckless, deplorable decisions of those who drive while drunk.

If you have questions about your legal rights as they relate to motorcycle DUI accidents in Rhode Island or Massachusetts, our experienced legal team can help.

Drunk Driving Is a Serious Offense

It is illegal in both Massachusetts and Rhode Island to operate a car, motorcycle, or any other automobile while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Choosing to do so is irresponsible, thoughtless, inexcusable, and illegal. Anyone who causes an accident while driving drunk is likely to face criminal DUI charges, for which the penalties can be extremely steep.

In addition to the criminal proceedings, victims of motorcycle DUI accidents are allowed to seek financial damages for their pain, suffering, and related expenses. The drunk driver is responsible for these damages, and we can often seek compensation from his or her auto insurance company as well.

Please note that the criminal and civil proceedings are two entirely separate procedures. The state police and your district attorney will handle the criminal prosecution, though they may ask you to report to court as a witness.

In the meantime, The Bottaro Law Firm, LLC can help you seek justice on the civil side of things. By filing a personal injury lawsuit on your behalf, our experienced Rhode Island motorcycle accident attorneys can more fully hold irresponsible drivers accountable.

Wrongful Death in Motorcycle DUI Accidents

Sadly, because of their physical vulnerability, victims of motorcycle DUI accidents typically suffer catastrophic injuries. Many of them ultimately lose their lives. That tragic reality makes these some of the most difficult cases we handle.

Wrongful death law in both Rhode Island and Massachusetts permits certain close relatives to recover financial compensation after losing a loved one to someone else’s negligence. The value of the claim depends on many factors, including the nature of your relationship and any financial impact the loss might have had.

While the outcome in these cases is never predictable, juries are generally very sympathetic to grieving families who’ve lost someone because of drunk driving. You should know that pursuing a wrongful death claim can be difficult, but our firm will always couch that process in compassion. We are here to shoulder the burden for you so that you can take the time you need to grieve and heal.

Talk to Our Experienced Rhode Island Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

If you or a loved one has been hurt in a motorcycle accident and you believe alcohol or drugs might have been a factor, our firm can help. We have many years of experience in holding reckless and irresponsible drivers accountable for the complete scope of the damages they cause.

We are accustomed to taking on major insurance companies in court, and we have a strong record of results.

Please know that when you hire Bottaro Law Firm, you will always receive our “No Fee Guarantee,” which means you never have to pay anything upfront. Our fees only apply if we win your case.

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