Experienced RI Truck Accident Lawyer and Bus Accident Lawyer

Due to their sheer size, commercial trucks and buses present potentially devastating hazards to motorists. Drivers of semi-trucks, buses, and other commercial vehicles must undergo special training and licensing. These vehicles are considered “common carriers” under the law and owe motorists special legal duties to operate with the utmost care. Commercial truck drivers and their trucking companies are responsible for safely operating their vehicles. They must guard against not only speeding, but also making careless wide turns, rapid lane changes, and blind spots.

If you have been involved in a Rhode Island trucking accident or Massachusetts trucking accident, or a bus accident, you need legal help. These trucks are subject to federal law requirements and are typically insured through specialty insurance companies.

At the Bottaro Law Firm, the firm has experience in investigating the causes of a truck accident and strive to hold the at fault party accountable for, among other things, any breach in safety regulations. These cases present special challenges and you need experience on your side.

These personal injury cases require prompt investigation after the accident.  Contact Mike right now for a free consultation at 866-529-9700.

Insurance companies will often try to avoid fully disclosing your rights and providing fair compensation.  We have compiled “Insurance’s 5 Best Kept Secrets” as a free service to you.

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