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Prescription Medication Spilling From an Open Medicine BottleMany nursing home residents rely on their care providers to administer their prescription medications. With almost a third of long-term care patients taking 20 or more prescription medications, and two-thirds taking nine or more prescription meds, it is understandable that elderly nursing home patients need professional help in ensuring that they take their medications properly.

While elderly patients rely on their caretakers to monitor and provide their medications, sadly, nursing homes are often negligent in carrying out this essential function. If you or a loved one has suffered due to a nursing home prescription error, the Bottaro Law Firm can help you fight for just compensation.

Common Prescription Errors in Nursing Homes

Most prescription errors can be avoided through proper recordkeeping, training, and attention to detail. Unfortunately, these are areas where many nursing homes fall short. We regularly see cases of prescription errors resulting from negligent practices such as:

  • Prescription of the wrong medication or an improper dosage
  • Co-prescription of medications that have negative interactions
  • Prescribing drugs that trigger patients’ allergies
  • Transcription errors in labeling medications or sharing prescription information
  • Failure to address dietary restrictions relating to prescription medications
  • Improper administration of properly-prescribed drugs

Some specific examples of administration errors include:

  • Failing to provide proper fluids or nutrition. Many medications need to be taken with fluids or meals. Nursing home staff members who administer prescription medications must be sure that their patients are properly hydrated and fed before providing these drugs for consumption.
  • Failure to observe warning labels. Along with food and fluid requirements, many medications come with other restrictions and warnings as well. For example, while some capsules and tablets need to be crushed or split, others need to be taken whole. Similarly, many elder medications need to be shaken or mixed prior to administration. In different situations, failure to heed these warnings can result in either overdose or ineffectiveness of the drug.
  • Overdose, under dose, and failure to administer. Providing the wrong amount of a prescription medication – whether too much or too little – can have serious implications for a patient’s health and wellbeing. This can include administering the wrong medication at the wrong time or mixing up different patients’ medications.

Seeking Help for Nursing Home Prescription Errors

Medication errors are serious mistakes that can put elderly patients’ lives at risk. Despite this fact, nursing homes continue to lack adequate controls to prevent these easily-avoidable mistakes. Studies show that an estimated 800,000 nursing home residents suffer injuries due to medication errors every year.

As a result, patients and their families should be diligent about monitoring their medication regimens. For your own benefit, it is important to do your best to understand what medications you are taking and why you are taking them. If you do not understand, you should seek medical help. Asking questions and volunteering information about your health can help doctors and nurses avoid situations that can lead to improper medication.

If you believe that a prescription medication error has occurred, you should seek emergency medical attention. You should also contact us promptly so that we can step in and help protect you or your loved one from further nursing home negligence. Mike Bottaro and our firm’s experienced legal team will stand by your side and do everything within their power to hold the nursing home accountable and ensure that you receive the care and financial compensation you deserve.

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