Car Accident Lawyers for All of Providence County

Providence is an old city, at least by North American standards – it was already 140 years old when the Declaration of Independence was signed. Roger Williams founded the city as a haven for those, like himself, seeking religious and political freedom.  Today the city is a major cultural center, with seven universities and a vibrant arts community that extends all the way to the Providence Athenaeum (where rumor has it that the ghost of Edgar Allan Poe still paces the halls).

Due to its compact size, many parts of Providence are within easy walking distance of each other, a feature that endows it with one of the highest rates of pedestrian commuters in the nation. All of this pedestrian traffic doesn’t mean the streets of Providence are empty, however – every day thousands of vehicles traverse its 1,001 streets radiating out of Kennedy Plaza into the town’s patchwork of neighborhoods.  I-95 traverses the city from north to south, while I-295 circles the city and I-195 provides access to points east.

Although road accidents in Rhode Island recently fell to a 20-year low, these sometimes-tragic events are still anything but uncommon in Providence. Data from the Federal Highway Safety Improvement Program indicates that I-95 exits 20, 22, 23, 24 and 25 are among the most dangerous spots not only in Providence but in all of New England. When you become the victim of an accident that is someone else’s fault, you are entitled to full compensation for your losses – and The Bottaro Law Firm, LLC is here to make sure that you receive every penny you deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much money will I have to pay up front in legal fees?

Zero. If we take your case, we will waive all of your legal fees until and unless you receive some sort of compensation, either in the form of a lawsuit verdict or a negotiated settlement. If you receive nothing, you will owe us nothing. If you do receive a verdict or settlement, we will take a pre-agreed percentage of your recovery. This “contingency fee” system ensures that our interests are mutual – the more successful you are, the more successful we are. We’re that confident of our ability to deliver results for you.

What will I have to prove to win my case?

Rhode Island personal injury law has formalized the following elements that you will have to prove to win your case:

  • Negligence: Everyone has the legal duty to act with reasonable care with respect to the safety of others. Failure to meet this duty constitutes negligence under Rhode Island law.
  • Causation: Proving that the defendant was negligent will not win your case unless you also prove that the defendant’s negligence was caused your accident and your injuries. In many cases, however, causation is obvious.
  • Damages: You can only win the amount of damages you can prove by admissible evidence – if you prove $100 in damages, you cannot win more than $100, and if you prove $100,000 in damages, you cannot win more than $100,000. Some damages are relatively easy to prove, such as medical expenses for short-term injuries. Non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering, are less arithmetic and based on the circumstances surrounding your recovery and injuries.

These are civil cases so you have to prove that each of the above elements is more likely than not to win your claim.  Without enough evidence to prove these elements, however, it will be difficult for you to obtain even an out-of-court settlement.

What kind of evidence will I need?

The most common types of evidence used in car accident cases include:

  • Police reports
  • Witness statements
  • Medical records
  • Proof of income (used to calculate lost earnings)
  • Vehicle damage estimates
  • Depositions (answers to questions asked by a lawyer out of court but under oath)
  • Photographic evidence, such as CCTV footage
  • Maps or diagrams of the accident scene
  • Expert witness testimony, such as accident reconstruction specialist testimony (in complex cases)

Every item of evidence you submit must comply with Rhode Island’s formal rules of evidence.

Fighting Back

It is not enough to simply “win” your case, because even a paltry sum can technically be classified as a “victory.” Instead, you should set your sights on obtaining the compensation you deserve. Our experienced Providence personal injury lawyers are experts in calculating how much your claim is worth, and we know how to effectively confront the insurance companies on your behalf. Our local office is located at 155 South Main Street, Suite 304. Call us at 401-777-7777 or contact us online  to schedule a free confidential evaluation of your case.