A Statement From Personal Injury Attorney Mike Bottaro – Justice June

The recent injustices and unrest across our country continue to threaten to upend these values and divide us. How can another black man die under these circumstances in this great nation?

At The Bottaro Law Firm, we emphasize our four core values daily: live in love, fight for what is right, be a great teammate, and do your best. Today, we are finding a voice to advocate on issues that cannot be silenced anymore. Seeing the injustice directed towards the black community, it is evident that we all need to try out best to live in love and fight for what is right. The Bottaro Law Firm is committed towards building a more inclusive, loving, and peaceful world.

We will be making financial donations to organizations that share these beliefs and sharing the concept of justice across our platform.

Help end racism, there is no place for it. We must confront evil where we find it and insist that all people are treated with dignity and respect. Love for one another is where it starts.