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Hit-and-Run Accident Lawyer in Rhode Island

Being involved in a motor vehicle accident can be traumatic and stressful, even if it’s just a minor fender bender and the other driver cooperates. However, suffering severe injuries in a hit-and-run accident can be even more confusing and upsetting. You might be left wondering how you will obtain the compensation you need to cover your medical expenses, lost wages, and other losses if the driver can’t be tracked down. 

If you were hit by a driver who fled the scene in Rhode Island, contact Bottaro Law today. We are proud of our long track record of success in helping accident victims seek the financial relief they deserve. We are available 24/7 to answer your questions and support you through every step of the legal process.

What Is a Hit and Run Accident?

A hit-and-run accident occurs when one driver hits another driver and then flees the scene. Although motorists are required to pull over after being involved in an accident, some motorists leave the scene for various reasons, including fear of the financial and legal repercussions.  

Hit-and-run accidents can also involve bicyclists and pedestrians. According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Study, of all the people killed in hit-and-run accidents, approximately 65% were found to be cyclists or pedestrians. If a motorist hits a cyclist or a pedestrian, they must pull over and render aid. Even if only one car is involved in the accident, motorists who flee the scene of an accident are considered hit-and-run drivers.

Why Do Some Drivers Leave the Crash Scene?

While it is both illegal and wrong to leave the scene of an accident, drivers may flee a crash scene for many different reasons, including: 

  • The driver is uninsured.
  • The driver’s license is suspended.
  • The driver already has many license points.
  • The driver was driving under the influence.
  • The driver has a warrant out for their arrest.
  • The driver panics.

We understand how helpless you might feel if you don’t know the identity of the driver who hit you as medical bills start to pile up. However, you can take steps to increase the chances of finding the driver, and you can turn to other possible sources of compensation if the driver cannot be located. 

Why You Should Hire Our Attorneys to Fight for Your Case

At Bottaro Law, we understand how scary it can be when you’re involved in an accident, and the at-fault motorist flees the scene. Our attorneys will work hard to help you bring the hit-and-run driver to justice and seek the compensation you deserve from all available sources. 

If you hire our team, we can:

  • Exhaust all potential avenues for financial relief 
  • Conduct a thorough investigation into the accident and assemble evidence to support your claim
  • Estimate the total value of your case 
  • Handle all communications with the insurance company
  • Negotiate for a settlement on your behalf
  • Explain your rights and offer you legal advice
  • Help you navigate the claims process and fight your case out in court, if necessary

You stand a much better chance of recovering the compensation you need to get your life back on track by hiring an experienced hit-and-run accident lawyer to handle your case.

Why You Should Hire Our Attorneys to Fight for Your Case

Steps to Take Following a Hit-and-Run Accident

If you were involved in a hit-and-run accident in Rhode Island, consider following these steps:  

  • Call 911. First, you should immediately call the police and wait for them to arrive on the scene. The police might be able to track down the hit-and-run driver right away. Even if you couldn’t get a good look at the vehicle, it’s still wise to contact law enforcement and report the accident. When police officers arrive on the scene, they will create an accident report, which is an official record of the accident. You will need a copy of this document if you plan to file an insurance claim. 
  • Seek medical attention. You should seek medical attention right away. Some injuries, such as internal injuries, don’t immediately show symptoms. If left untreated, they could lead to life-threatening complications. 
  • Collect evidence. If you can, you should take photos of your injuries, any damage to your vehicle, and the accident scene from various angles. Make sure to get close-up and wide shots. If you can get a picture of the car that hit you before they’re able to drive off, that could also be incredibly beneficial in helping police officers track the driver down. Even making a mental note of part of the car’s description and license plate number could be valuable. You should also speak to witnesses at the scene of the accident and ask for their contact details. They might be able to help you identify the vehicle that hit you, and they could also provide a statement or testify on your behalf in court.  
  • Save all accident-related documentation. Make sure to keep copies of your medical records, medical bills, pay stubs, the police report, photos from the scene, and any other documentation relevant to the accident. All of this evidence can be used to help support any insurance claim or lawsuit that you file. 
  • Contact a seasoned Rhode Island hit-and-run accident lawyer for advice as soon as possible. Managing all the details of an accident claim on top of recovering from your injuries is challenging. Your attorney can provide valuable guidance and take the burden off you while you are healing. 

Who Pays for Damages Caused by a Hit and Run? 

If you can locate the driver who hit you, you can pursue an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit against the driver. You’ll need to show that the driver was negligent in some manner that directly caused your injuries. 

If you cannot locate the driver who hit you, or if the driver is uninsured or underinsured, securing compensation could be more complicated. However, you might have options for seeking compensation. Under Rhode Island state law, insurance carriers must provide uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage (UM/UIM). Through UM/UIM, your medical expenses and any property damage that you suffered could be covered. 

We highly recommend hiring an attorney to represent you in settlement negotiations, even when dealing with your insurance company. Insurance providers are notorious for using different tactics to reduce settlement amounts and reduce their losses. Our attorneys know how to fight those tactics and demand the full and fair compensation you deserve. 

If you don’t have UM/UIM coverage, you could turn to other types of insurance that you have elected, including personal injury protection insurance or MedPay. 

Rhode Island Laws on Hit-and-Run Crashes 

In Rhode Island, motorists are required by state law (R.I. Gen. Laws § 31-26-1) to pull over and exchange information after an accident. Fleeing the scene of an accident can be charged as either a felony or misdemeanor in Rhode Island. If no injuries or fatalities occurred due to the accident, fleeing the scene can be charged as a misdemeanor. 

The punishment for a misdemeanor charge may include jail time and a license suspension of up to six months, as well as a $500 to $1,000 fine. If a person was injured in the accident, fleeing the scene can be charged as a felony, which carries a penalty of license suspension for one to five years, up to five years in prison, and a fine not exceeding $5,000. Failing to stop when a severe bodily injury has occurred can lead to even harsher penalties. 

A motorist can be charged with a crime for fleeing the scene of an accident. However, criminal charges are brought by the state and litigated in criminal court, while civil matters are litigated in civil court. If you file a lawsuit to seek compensation from the at-fault party, your lawsuit would be a separate matter in civil court. 

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