Client Testimonials

Evie Jo, East Greenwich

"This is a lawyer who actually cares about what I'm going through and not just making some money."

William, Rhode Island

"William shares his positive experience and appreciation for the hard work and time spent on his RI motorcycle accident case."

Stephanie, Rhode Island

"Mike Bottaro was very personable … He made sure that I was well informed of the case and showed that he cared."

Maureen, Rhode Island

“I didn’t have to do any of the heavy lifting myself. I didn’t have to worry about making a mistake. They took care of everything for me, let me just go to my therapy, and get better.”

Steve, Attleboro

"Mike did a great job and was a great lawyer."

Paula, Salem

"I would absolutely recommend Mike Bottaro and his law firm."

Marcelo, North Providence

"Mike worked very hard on my car accident case when the insurance company didn’t want to pay."

Maritza, North Providence

"My experience with Mike was extremely positive. He’s a man of truth and integrity."

Christine, Bristol

"My experience with Mike was very positive."

Phil, South County

Client review from a Rhode Island personal injury car accident client for The Bottaro Law Firm.

Kendra, Providence

"Going to The Bottaro Law Firm was the best decision I made after getting into an auto accident."

KayVan, Rhode Island

"Their staff is amazing. 24/7 they were on the clock. They were very wonderful people."

Sandy, Rhode Island

"Sandy shares her positive experience and appreciation for the hard work and time spent on her RI car accident case."

“We just wanted to drop a short note to thank you again for taking on Pat’s case as our personal injury lawyer,especially after the other “Well Known Law Firm” dropped our case two months before the statute of limitations would run out (probably because there had been no offer of settlement made). You really impressed us with the way you promptly filed suit and followed up with depositions and site inspections, showing us a level of professionalism that had been missing with our first attorney. I appreciate the way you took the case all the way to the day before trial and made the defendants take us seriously enough to finally offer a fair settlement. You stood by us and always took our calls or returned them quickly, and the way you visited with us at our home to make us feel that we were more than “Just Business”. Your personal approach to the handling of our case has made us feel that you were not only our attorney, but our friend, and we hope to continue to see you in that aspect in the future. I want you to know that I will gladly recommend you to anyone that I may know or meet who needs representation at the highest levels of responsibility, respect and professionalism. Thank you again!”

Pat & Rick, Pawtucket

“I was hit from behind while stopped in traffic. In addition to my first ever new vehicle being damaged, I apparently had whiplash, as well, which lasted several months until it was properly diagnosed and treated. The other insurance company admitted responsibility yet still tried to bully me. When their adjuster told me I would have to sign a release for all of my medical history or he wouldn’t process my claim, I told him he could talk to my attorney (I didn’t have one). I always cringed at the personal injury attorneys in the commercials. I found Mike online and read his reviews. They are all true! He is a really nice guy, very compassionate, capable, and he and his paralegal Jennifer handled everything. I am so happy to have found this law firm. They turned an extremely unpleasant experience into a positive outcome. Thank you Mike & Jen! I highly recommend Mike Bottaro.”

Lynne, Harrisville

“I suffered a head injury and fractured rib when an unleashed dog caused a bike accident in Rehoboth, Massachusetts. I also incurred lost wages and medical expenses. Fortunately, I had Mike in my corner to help me with my legal claim. With professionalism and efficiency, he was able to obtain a six figure settlement on my behalf.

Roger, East Side Providence

"I was recommended by a friend to consult with Mike after experiencing a debilitating injury. Upon meeting with Mike, I felt right at ease. We discussed the facts and he explained my options very clearly. The insurance carrier refused to accept any liability in the case. Mike continued to work on my behalf and I am very pleased to report I have received a sizable settlement. I was consulted with and informed every step along the way. Mike and his staff are a pleasure to deal with. I would highly, highly recommend Mike."

Lee, Saunderstown

"I have to say that I was amazed with Attorney Bottaro on the day he called me with the great news that my case was coming to a close and I was getting a much bigger settlement than I expected. I was involved in a motor vehicle accident and my car was totaled. The car that hit me was unfortunately insured by one of the worst insurance companies in the state to deal with. After many negotiations and counteroffers, Attorney Bottaro was able to get me a settlement that was three times the amount that I had expected. He even negotiated a lower settlement for a medical bill that I had to pay. I will not hesitate to recommend him to anyone that needs a good lawyer!"

Jenny, Pawtucket

"When my wife was in a car accident, we needed an experienced honest personal injury lawyer. Mike met with us personally and was very responsive in working on our case. In just a few short months, Mike was able to obtain a very good settlement for us. If you need legal help, we recommend that you call Mike."

Ed, Cranston

"I just wanted to take a minute to say thanks for all the time and effort you put towards myself and my cases. Most lawyers just want to collect a fee and could care less what happens with their clients. But you have shown true dedication in what liability cases are all about. It’s not just about the money, but also what affect the outcome has on a person. Knowing you put your all into winning this case has put my mind at ease and I can rest a little bit easier tonight and the days ahead. I know you will remember this case and myself for quite some time to come. I always like to leave an impression upon the new situations and people I meet. Hopefully it was not all bad and you can sit back and have a smile on your face knowing you have made me happy. If the time should ever arise again I will be sure to contact you. Also if ever I have the chance to recommend any clients to you, I will let them know what a great, understanding and reputable lawyer you are. So Mike, thanks a million!"

Adam, Cranston

"I never felt abandoned while I was working with Mike Bottaro. I would recommend Mike Bottaro to anyone with a personal injury case. You will be treated kindly and you will also have the assurance that he is keeping up with your case and working for you. I went to another lawyer after my car accident and received little input as to how I should proceed with this claim. I was frustrated and asked a professional friend about anyone he knew who might help me. He gave me the name of Mike Bottaro and offered to give me other names if I was not satisfied. I called Mr. Bottaro that day and he met with me the following day AT MY HOME! Who does that? Mr. Bottaro spent a significant amount of time learning the details of the accident and my claim. Mr. Bottaro was in touch with me frequently regarding my progress and needs. He spoke with my health care provider often as well. All I had to do was call Mike and let him know what I needed and he responded. Not once did I call him and he did not answer my call – even to say “call you back, I’m going into a case” and then he did call me back."

Liz, Warwick

"After several doctors had told me over the years that I had non-cancerous lesions, it turned out they were wrong and had misdiagnosed me. Mike assisted in bringing a complex medical malpractice suit on my behalf. After many depositions and a lot of effort, we were able to reach a settlement just before trial that provides me and my family with financial security. My cancer is in remission and I am forever grateful to Mike for his help."

Peter, Woonsocket

"Mike fought hard against Allstate for us. When they wouldn’t settle, Mike filed suit, attended depositions and arbitration. Ultimately, Mike was able to obtain a fair settlement."

Marie, Providence

"I would like to extend my deepest appreciation to Mike Bottaro and his staff for their outstanding professionalism managing my daughter’s legal case. Mike was consistently diligent, kind and very patient. He worked for nearly 4 years to obtain the best possible outcome. We can not be more satisfied or thankful for the outstanding work done by Bottaro Law Firm.
Thank you Mike!"

Eileen, Portsmouth

"Mike, Thank you for handling my personal injury case. When I got injured in a bike accident, I was worried about finding a law firm. Once you took my case, the worrying stopped. I was impressed by your professionalism, respect and integrity. Every phone call and/or email was promptly returned and answered. I was happy that you made me aware of all aspects of my case. You quickly got me the money I deserved. Thank you!"

Greg, N. Kingstown

"A courteous firm to deal with….For my personal injury case, working with Mike was an enjoyable experience. He had a handle on the legal issues and obtained a very good settlement."

Robert, Cranston

Hola soy Mynor, estoy muy contento porque Mike Bottaro luchó por mi caso con todo lo que sea posible. Tomó toda la información a la mano y trabajó muy rápidamente. Estoy muy sinceramente agradecido.

Mynor, Providence

"The communication is great and everyone is friendly. I would call and leave a message and receive a call back usually within the hour. When I first sat down with Mike, he gave me all of my options and always said, “It’s whatever you want.” He was very honest and straight forward with how the case would turn out."

Haley, North Kingstown

"I liked the Bottaro Law Firm because Mike and his staff handled my case professionally, fast, friendly, and accurate. Mike did a fantastic job and I recommend him to anyone…I got an excellent settlement."

Milton, Providence

"Very professional and caring about my needs. Works hard and efficiently. Mike was very nice and always cared about how I was feeling. He was very professional and did everything possible to get what I deserved."

Melissa, Central Falls

"Mike Bottaro was so helpful in resolving my case. Working with Mike and his staff made the situation easy and comfortable for me. Thank you again for your hard work on my case. I would recommend Mike and his law firm to anyone that has a car accident case. Thank you again Mike!!!"

Jessica, Johnston

"The staff was always amicable and made sure I connected with Mike, always. There was never a time he was made unavailable. I would definitely highly recommend him and his firm to represent you and your case."

Maritza, North Providence

Mike was very helpful to me and I did not need to pay a dollar out of my pocket for useful advice. Many lawyers won’t even point you in the right direction without a formal meeting and some kind of cost. I know he is pretty active in the community outside of work as well, so he actually cares about helping people.

Etienne, Providence

"At first when I got into my car accident things were overwhelming. The other person’s insurance company kept calling during my work hours and needed me to meet them to fill out paperwork. They even asked if they could meet me at my job to complete some things. They began offering me compensation which did not seem fair for the injury I had suffered or the aggravation. I was hesitant to call a lawyer but things became so frustrating and there was so much I was unsure of. After being referred to Mike all my concerns went a way. I had nothing else to worry about and was given a fair compensation, which would have never been given without his help. I thank Mike for all his help."

Rachel, Warwick

"We were impressed with the attention we received from Atty. Bottaro. What impresses us the most was that even though our case may have been considered “easy” since the fault was clearly the other party, Atty. Bottaro handled our case with the same attention that one might need to apply to a case where complexities are involved. In fact, Atty. Bottaro accompanied us to the criminal court to view the proceedings against the other party. Our case closed a few years ago with a six figure settlement (before medical bills were paid) and I still hear from Atty. Bottaro with wellness follow-ups. When another family member needed some prompt legal advice, Atty. Bottaro provided prompt, sound advice on how to handle the situation. This early intervention helped minimize a situation from becoming a larger problem. While we hired Atty. Bottaro as a personal injury attorney, we gained a trusted family advisor."

Steve & Linda, Massachusetts

"Endorsement: Michael Bottaro is a great lawyer. He is an aggressive advocate for his personal injury clients and is very well respected in the legal community. He has a lot of courtroom experience and has handled many complicated cases. He fights to get the best settlement possible for his clients."

David, East Providence

"I was rear-ended (on my birthday!) and spent over a month dealing with the insurance companies, finance company, etc. During this time I became extremely frustrated. My doctor recommended I contact the Bottaro Law Firm and everything changed. Mike Bottaro was personable, kept things moving quickly and was GREAT at keeping me up to date on the progress. My stress disappeared! My only regret is that I didn’t get Mike involved sooner!"

Philip, Wyoming

"When someone you love has a car accident, many things come together quickly and can be confusing. First you must deal with the shock of knowing they are hurt and must go through hospital tests and treatments. In our case the tests led to more tests and diagnoses that meant multiple doctors becoming involved. With the vehicle being totaled this meant buying a new car long before we really needed one or planned on this additional expense. The very thought of having to deal with health and car insurance companies was overwhelming and daunting. We knew we needed someone with experience and expertise to handle our needs, answer our questions and represent us, so we called Mike Bottaro. Mike stepped in and answered all our questions, explained procedures and basically took over handling everything which allowed my husband to do what he had to do to get better. Just knowing Mike was carrying that burden gave us peace of mind. Mike kept in contact both by phone and email either contacting us or promptly returning our calls and/or emails. Mike even made house calls which in this day and age is almost unheard of! Mike was our rock and navigator during a very difficult process, but to be clear he never made it seem hard…he just persevered. Mike’s vast experience in handling personal injury claims is what eased our minds in knowing we made the right decision when we called him and turned our case over to him. Our case has now been settled and Mike is the reason we had such a favorable return. If you are seeking someone to guide and help you please call Mike Bottaro…he is courteous, thoughtful, bright and willing to take the time to listen to all your concerns. Once Mike and you have taken that first step, rest assured that is when he draws on his contacts, experience and expertise to get the wheels in motion and begin the fight to get the best settlement for you. Knowing you are number one with him will give you that wonderful feeling of reassurance that you made the right decision in calling him just like we did."

Beth, Coventry

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