$100,000 Workers’ Compensation Settlement

Our client suffered lower back and neck injuries while working at a cable company. His employer claimed that the injuries were not work related. Our RI workers’ comp attorneys contested these claims and won a $100,000 settlement for our client, including an additional $10,000 to cover future medical expenses.

Our client in this workers’ compensation case was a line-man employed by a cable company. The client suffered both a low back and neck injury in the course of his employment in 2009. He continued to work while receiving medical treatment. In 2011, our client suffered a second work injury to his back. He was unable to continue doing his heavy duty job and workers’ compensation benefits were obtained for him.

Soon thereafter, his employer filed a petition in the Rhode Island Workers’ Compensation Court alleging that the neck injury was not related to work, that he was no longer disabled due to his back injury, and denied medical treatment. Our RI workers’ compensation lawyers contested these claims and after trial the Court determined that the neck injury was causally related to work, that he remained eligible for WC benefits for the back injury and ordered additional medical treatment for the client.

After receiving additional medical treatment, the case settled in May 2013 for $100,000 plus an additional $10,000 paid to the client for any future medical treatment.