$165,000 East Greenwich, RI

East Greenwich, RI car accident left a mother and two young children with serious injuries.

Defendant Pled Guilty To Running A Red Light, Injuring A Young Mother And Her Two Children

On the eve of trial, The Bottaro Law Firm, LLC helped a young family recover $165,000.00 following a tragic East Greenwich, Rhode Island car accident. During his deposition taken by Attorney Mike Bottaro, the Defendant admitted to running a flashing red light which caused a significant T-bone collision with a vehicle operated by our client and occupied by her two young children. At the time, our client was a businesswoman on the way to drop off her children at day care. The collision caused airbag deployment on our client’s face. Also, both children came out of their car seats and struck their heads, resulting in bleeding and concussions with immediate nausea and vomiting. The mother, having struck her head as well in the collision, suffered from, among other injuries, post traumatic headaches.

For over two years, the Defendant’s insurance company refused to offer a fair settlement. The Bottaro Law Firm, LLC filed suit and engaged in legal discovery. We advanced all legal costs, including the costs associated with retaining our client’s treating neurologist to testify about her injuries and her endocrinologist to counter the Defendant’s argument that the headaches were a preexisting condition.