$206,000.00 South Kingston Car Accident Settlement

South Kingstown, RI Car Accident Resulting In Personal Injuries Including Fractures

Our client and her young daughter were traveling on South County Trail in South Kingstown, RI in winter conditions.

Suddenly, a careless driver who was driving too fast for the conditions lost control from the opposite lane, causing a head-on car accident.

The impact of the car accident caused major damage to their SUV and the airbags to deploy.

Our clients suffered immediate pain and were in agony. The South Kingstown Fire Department took our clients by rescue to South County Hospital where they could be evaluated.

Mom suffered multiple fractures to her right arm and hand bones as well as a painful shoulder injury.  Her young daughter also suffered personal injuries to the neck, back, and knees.

In this case, our team immediately recognized this major car accident and jumped on helping this mother and daughter.

By calling us right away, we were able to preserve the evidence and help them with all details of their medical treatment, car damage, and bills.

While they continued treatment, we took the pressure and concerns off of their shoulders and continued to fight for justice. Our legal professionals fought hard and helped me prepare for battle with the liable insurance company.

In the end, I was able to obtain the maximum amount available to help this nice family.

They would not have to worry about fighting with the insurance companies or billing companies, as we were able to get the maximum settlement which covered medical expenses and money owed from the car accident.

If you and your loved ones are in a car accident and suffer personal injuries, please call or text us 24/7 for a free consultation.