$250,000 Settlement for Providence, RI Drunk Driving Auto Crash Into Pedestrian

drunk driving auto crash into pedestrian settlement in Providence

This case involved multiple fractures and a closed head injury.

The Bottaro Law Firm, LLC Helps Student Through Investigation And Diligence

In 2017, Attorney Mike Bottaro represented a young college student crossing the street in a crosswalk when struck by a drunk driver in Providence, Rhode Island. The car accident resulted in serious personal injuries including a brain injury and multiple fractures.

The policy limit maximum legal settlement followed hard work and investigation by the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC. Although police initially charged defendant with a felony Driving While Under The Influence, Serious Bodily Injury Resulting, in the civil case, defendant’s auto insurance company disputed defendant’s liability.

After meeting with our client in the days following the crash, Attorney Mike Bottaro hired a noted accident reconstructionist to investigate the facts surrounding the collision. The firm also retained two separate investigators who gathered additional evidence. All of this was at no upfront charge to our client who was a foreign student with no applicable health insurance.

Our client remained inpatient at the hospital and then underwent a course of outpatient rehabilitation regarding his injuries. In the meantime, our law firm’s investigator tracked down an independent eyewitness to the collision. The eyewitness was able to testify that the defendant was driving “very fast” and struck our client as our client was crossing within the pedestrian crosswalk pictured above. Meanwhile, our expert accident reconstructionist was on scene several times to take measurements and review the evidence. Ultimately, our reconstructionist placed the speed at impact in excess of 43 mph causing our client to vault over 135 feet in the air before slamming into the asphalt.

This case took significant time, expertise, diligence, and financial resources ultimately resulting in the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC recovering the maximum $250,000 policy limit. Our grateful client has ultimately been able to graduate college and begin to resume activities.

Auto Crash into pedestrian settlement in Providence Drunk Driver crashes into pedestrian settlement