$50,000 Policy Limit Settlement Reached In Pawtucket Bike Accident

policy limit settlement reached in Pawtucket bike accident

Our client had been riding Harleys for decades and across thousands of miles without incident. Ironically, it was a short ride near his house that ruined an otherwise pleasant spring day.

As our client proceeded through a green light in a busy Pawtucket urban area, another driver ran the red light, striking the side of our client’s motorcycle and causing him to lay it down. Rhode Island police cited the driver for causing the collision and fire transported our client to the hospital.

There were multiple injuries to the left shoulder, arm, hips, and knee.

bike accident settlement in PawtucketOur client had an underlying disability that was exacerbated in this motorcycle accident. Rhode Island lawyer Mike Bottaro took the lead on the case, conferring with our client’s doctors, helping our client ensure his bike was repaired, and his medical expenses paid.

Attorney Mike Bottaro reached a maximum policy limit settlement for our client without our client needing to attend court.