$60,000 Settlement for Coventry Bicyclist

Our client was struck by a car while riding her bike on the side of the road. Our firm obtained a settlement for her personal injuries.

In May 2013, the defendant was traveling west on Main Street attempting to make a left turn when he hit our client, who was traveling east on a bicycle. Our client, who was wearing a helmet, was ejected from the bicycle and struck the hood and then the windshield of the vehicle before falling to the ground. The force caused the windshield to be heavily damaged and the bicycle to be missing the front tire, which was ejected approximately 200 feet from the accident site.

Our client was transported to Rhode Island Hospital where she suffered many personal injuries. She needed sutures for the 7cm laceration to her knee, and was diagnosed with an enthesopathy of the head and neck. Our client needed months of physical therapy to decrease the swelling of the joints in her knees and wrists, and to improve the range of motion in her neck.

Our RI car accident attorney established that the car accident was the fault of the defendant, who failed to see our client on her bike as he proceeded to turn where she was riding, hitting her head-on. As a result, our firm proceeded to obtain $60,000.00 in settlement for our client’s personal injuries.