$75,000 Rhode Island Personal Injury Settlement

personal injury settlement in Rhode island

In Rhode Island fall case, granite slab causes fractured leg to 5-year-old girl.

Through the following investigation, Attorney Mike Bottaro was able to help a single mom and her 5-year-old daughter:

When our client dropped off her daughter to daycare, she trusted that the premises was a safe environment and that her child would be well supervised. Unfortunately, mom was not told that in the backyard of the premises was a large slab of granite. It seems that a worker had left the heavy granite partially leaning against the day care provider’s house. The day care provider instructed the little girl to play outside with others near the granite slab. Tragically, while playing with the other children, the large slab fell on her right leg, causing intense pain and a tibia fracture.

Emergency rescues personnel transported the little girl to Hasbro Children’s Hospital where she was casted. After the several months casting, Rhode Island physical therapy helped the little girl get back on her feet.

During the West Greenwich, RI personal injury case, Attorney Mike Bottaro personally handled the case from start to finish. After the insurance company agreed that our firm had established the elements to a Rhode Island slip and fall recovery, Mike went to Superior Court where the Judge approved a settlement. Under the settlement terms, the funds will grow with interest until the little girl reaches the age of majority.