Rhode Island Bus Accident Attorneys

Bus accidents are unlike any other kind of traffic mishap. By their very nature, buses are very large and powerful machines, designed to carry large numbers of people and/or heavy cargo from one place to the next.

Unfortunately, along the way, buses occasionally crash. When that happens, the injuries can be overwhelming, especially when children or senior citizens are involved.

As Rhode Island bus accident attorneys, we principally work with two different groups of victims affected by bus crashes — those inside the bus and those inside the other vehicles involved.

Of course, we recognize there are many types of bus accidents. Because different laws sometimes apply to what are called “common carriers,” it is important to talk with an experienced Rhode Island bus accident attorney about the kind of vehicle you were in and how the accident transpired.

The Bottaro Law Firm, LLC is a Rhode Island personal injury law firm dedicated to helping the unfairly injured throughout Rhode Island, as well as our neighboring state of Massachusetts, where we have several additional offices available to residents of The Bay State.

If you’ve been injured in a bus accident, you need an attorney who understands how these cases work. A lawyer who is skilled in traditional car crash cases may not have the right kind of insight for a bus accident claim, which can be much more complicated and may involve different, more novel areas of law.

Our Rhode Island bus accident attorneys understand that true justice in a bus crash case might mean pursuing claims against numerous parties in the same action — the manufacturers, the bus owners, the bus driver, the relevant insurance companies, the school district/program organizer, the other drivers involved, and any other third parties relevant to the injuries. We’re up to that task.

Our talented legal team is available to assist with:

  • Bus-Car crashes
  • Bus-Motorcycle crashes
  • Bus-Bus crashes
  • Bus-Pedestrian accidents
  • School crossing injuries affecting children
  • Injuries related to bus breakdowns, fires, or failures
  • Illegal passing cases
  • Any other injury relating to a bus

Let’s turn now to a closer look at the various types of bus accidents we sometimes see in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

School Bus Accidents

School bus accidents are among the most sensitive and upsetting cases we work with. Children are precious, and they deserve the very best our communities can give them. Because so many of them rely on school buses for access to education, it is essential that they be brought back and forth safely, without exception.

Unfortunately, school bus accidents do sometimes happen, and too many innocent children have been hurt or have even lost their young lives in these terrible ordeals.

Our law firm is dedicated to helping school bus accident victims and their families take a stand for justice. Together, we can hold negligent school districts and drivers accountable for their irresponsibility, making the world a safer place for tomorrow’s families.

City / Transit Bus Accidents

Mass transit is convenient, inexpensive, and environmentally friendly, so it is understandably popular. Unfortunately, both the bus drivers and the buses themselves are asked to put in long hours. Exhaustion, wear, and tear can take their toll. The same is true for college campus buses and other similar transit bus systems.

The governments and organizations responsible for these systems have a duty to keep them safe for the rest of us. When they fail to do so, people get hurt by no fault of their own. Our Rhode Island bus accident attorneys are here to help.

Freight Bus Accidents

Freight buses are intended first and foremost to carry cargo, though people may also be aboard. Like large trucks and trains, freight buses are engineered with a heavy load in mind. Still, all buses have their limits. Overloaded freight buses are a real concern because the drivers have a hard time controlling them. When a bus is weighed down, it may fail to stop on time, leading to serious bus accidents.

Private, Commercial, and Charter Buses

Whether you’re riding a bus as part of a tour, private party, casino excursion, cruise trip, or any other activity, it’s important to understand that private buses can be just as dangerous as public ones. This is true for privately operated city, school, and community buses as well. Our Rhode Island bus accident attorneys can help with both public and private bus accidents.

Injured in a Bus Accident in Rhode Island or Massachusetts? We Can Help.

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