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When’s the last time you used a product? The question is almost impossible to answer because we’re almost never not using a product of some kind. If you’re reading this right now, you’re already using at least one product or device in this very moment.

Products are so pervasive in society that they absolutely have to be safe as soon as they hit the market. Our country is set up so that anyone who uses any kind of product or device can expect that they won’t suffer illness, injury, or death as a result.

Unfortunately, products aren’t always as safe as they ought to be. Every day in Rhode Island and Massachusetts — and all around the country — innocent people suffer unfair and unexpected injuries because a product or device turned out to be dangerous or defective.

That isn’t fair, and if it’s happened to you or your loved one, you may be entitled to financial compensation for your injuries and the expenses you’ve incurred as a result.

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This area of the law is known as Product Liability. State and federal law require product manufacturers to obey various rules and regulations when producing something that the public might use, and they must make every reasonable effort to ensure that innocent consumers won’t get hurt along the way.

Manufacturers aren’t the only ones with a responsibility, though. Everyone in the chain of distribution, from the maker and the distributor all the way down to the retailer, has a duty to exercise care when supplying the public with products.

At Bottaro Law Firm, LLC, we have many years of experience in handling dangerous and defective product cases. We’re ready to aggressively and effectively pursue compensation from even the world’s biggest corporations and insurance companies. We’ll fight hard to make sure you get the justice you deserve.

Negligence, Breach of Warranty, and Strict Liability for Products in Rhode Island

Products liability lawsuits in Rhode Island usually make one of three kinds of allegations:

  • Negligence — Alleging that the manufacturer (or other party) failed to exercise reasonable care when planning, designing, testing, inspecting, advertising, manufacturing, distributing, or selling a product, medication, or device.
  • Breach of Warranty — Many products are accompanied by a manufacturer’s written warranty. These are known as express warranties, and the manufacturer can be held liable for breaching those terms. Additionally, product makers are responsible for upholding a number of implied warranties, which the law applies to the manufacturer even if they never expressly agreed to them. A Rhode Island defective product lawyer can help you pursue claims for breach of both express and implied warranties.
  • Strict Liability — Under a theory of strict liability, a plaintiff can recover compensation for an injury without having to establish that the defendant was negligent or in breach of any warranty. The plaintiff must still prove that the product was dangerous and demonstrate the extent and value of his or her damages. Strict liability isn’t available for every claim, and determining whether it applies in your case can be complicated. Talk with your Rhode Island defective products lawyer to learn more.

Product liability often involves a combination of state and federal law. Where state laws are concerned, Rhode Island and Massachusetts apply similar (but not identical) rules in many cases. We are licensed and experienced in both Rhode Island and Massachusetts product liability law.

Not Just Household Products

People tend to think about product liability in terms of household products and appliances. While those do usually fall within the confines of product liability law, they aren’t the only kinds of defects we deal with. A Rhode Island defective product lawyer in our office can also help with dangerous drugs (medications), medical devices, and automobiles and other vehicles, among other kinds of products.

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Bottaro Law Firm is an experienced and compassionate personal injury law firm with substantial experience in product liability for Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Our goal is to maximize the financial compensation for each of our clients, and we believe our record of results speaks for itself.

Not all product liability attorneys are alike. Our firm is accustomed to taking on the biggest names in business and insurance, prevailing with justice for our clients. We want to do the same for you.

Attorney Mike Bottaro regularly attends conferences and subscribes to various national databases in order to provide RI & MA consumers with a local-but-powerful voice against the well-financed opponents on the other side.

Whether a product claim involves a class action or a mass tort, our firm is prepared to do what it takes to win. We’ve even partnered with some of the most prestigious law firms in other parts of the country to help our clients achieve justice.

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