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Workers' Comp FAQs

Workers' Compensation

I suffered an injury while at work. Can I receive workers’ compensation benefits, and if so, when?

In Massachusetts and Rhode Island, most employers are required to provide employees with workers’ compensation benefits. A person is eligible for these benefits if he or she is an employee and suffered a work-related injury. An injured employee may begin receiving workers’ compensation benefits after the injury is reported to the employer and after the employer submits the necessary paperwork to its workers’ compensation insurance company. Upon receiving the paperwork, the insurance company has 14 days to either begin paying benefits or provide written notice that the claim has been denied, listing specific reasons for denial.

If you are wrongfully denied workers’ compensation benefits, contact an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to help with your claim.

What types of benefits can I receive?

Workers’ compensation benefits are “no-fault,” which means that you don’t have to prove your employer’s negligence in order to file a claim. Therefore, certain benefits are provided to employees who suffer work-related injuries regardless of who is at fault. These benefits usually include reimbursement for the employee’s medical expenses and a percentage of the employee’s lost wages.

What is a lump-sum settlement, and should I accept it?

Injured employees are sometimes able to settle workers’ compensation claims for what is called a lump sum settlement. This option appeals to many workers because it puts an end to their tumultuous relationship with the workers’ compensation insurance company.

Before accepting a lump sum settlement, it’s important to fully evaluate your case. The attorneys at the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC can help you determine the extent of your losses—which may be far greater than the settlement you’re offered.