Practice Area Category: General Personal Injury

$95,000 Nursing Home Transportation Settlement

A family avoided out-of-pocket bills associated with RI nursing home negligence.

$105,000 Pawtucket, RI

A Pawtucket, RI personal injury settlement involving vertebrae and tibia fractures.

$180,000 Charlestown, RI

Charlestown, RI Client Suffers Complete Tear of Rotator Cuff. This case resolved after suit filed with co-counsel and following significant discovery.

$325,000.00 Settlement Following Arbitration

$325,000.00 Settlement Following Arbitration: Our North Kingstown, RI client was injured in a bike accident, fracturing his patella and requiring emergency surgery. We worked with experts, including a life care planner to ensure our client received fair compensation.

$500,000.00 Table Saw Personal Injury Settlement

$500,000.00 Table Saw Personal Injury Settlement: In this Personal Injury Saw Case involving kickbacks, our client was hired to make some rip cuts with the contractor’s table saw. During a rip cut, the wood kicked back causing our client’s hand … Continue reading

$500,000.00 Policy Limit Settlement

$500,000.00 Policy Limit Settlement: In this homeowner policy limit insurance case, a handyman’s negligence cost our client his loss of eye. Our legal research on agency law carried the day.

$785,000.00 Coventry, RI Boat Accident Personal Injuries

$785,000.00 Settlement: Mike represented a young family who suffered terrible injuries in a boating accident. The family was guests on a boat when the captain lost control and ran aground.