$100,000 Motorcycle Accident Settlement

While riding his motorcycle on Route 140, our client was struck by a driver distracted by a text message, resulting in an intracerebral hemorrhage and an L2 compression fracture. Our personal injury attorneys pursued the case to a maximum benefits settlement.

Freetown, MA Motorcycle Accident With Texting and Driving

The defendant was operating her sports car stopped on a side street. She later admitted to police that she was “looking down” at a “prior text message received” as she decided to turn into Route 140 traffic.

Our client was operating his motorcycle with a bike helmet on Route 140. Our client, an independent eyewitness, and ultimately the police department, all agreed that our client was simply proceeding straight on Route 140 with the right of way and well within the posted speed limit. Suddenly, the defendant – while looking at her phone – turned directly onto Route 140 and struck our client.

The defendant’s sports car struck our client head-on, launching him 21 feet in the air, landing on asphalt. He was rendered unconscious for over five minutes and was thereafter noted to have an altered mental status at the hospital. Our client suffered multiple injuries resulting from the motorcycle accident, including a left temporal intracerebral hemorrhage and an L2 compression fracture.

Following our firm’s investigation, we pursued the case to a maximum benefits, policy limit settlement of $100,000.