Practice Area Category: Motorcycle Accidents

$50,000 Pawtucket Motorcycle Accident Maximum Policy Limit Settlement

Our client was injured when hit by a driver who ran a red light. Although hesitant to file, physical injuries forced our client to seek compensation. He ultimately received the best possible, maximum policy limit personal injury settlement as a result of this Rhode Island bike accident. Continue reading

$65,000 Chepachet, RI Motorcycle Accident Settlement

Our Chepachet client suffered personal injuries when his motorcycle was cut off by another vehicle. Continue reading

$75,000 Policy Limit Settlement

What began as a promising day of charitable work turned into a nightmare for a Rhode Island motorcyclist when she was struck by a young, inattentive driver. Continue reading

$80,000 Woonsocket Motorcycle Accident

Defendant pulled out of a bank parking lot causing our client to lay his bike down and resulting in emergency knee surgery.

$100,000 Motorcycle Accident Settlement

While riding his motorcycle on Route 140, our client was struck by a driver distracted by a text message, resulting in an intracerebral hemorrhage and an L2 compression fracture. Our personal injury attorneys pursued the case to a maximum benefits settlement. Continue reading

$115,000 Motorcycle Accident Settlement

Attorney Mike Bottaro negotiated the maximum $115,000 settlement for our client who was severely injured in a motorcycle accident. Our client didn’t need to appear in court, so he could focus on recovering from his injuries. Continue reading

$205,000 East Providence, RI Motorcycle Accident Settlement

Our client suffered a complex wrist fracture requiring surgery and hardware placement.

$240,000.00 Cranston, Rhode Island Motorcycle Personal Injury Settlement

$240,000.00 Settlement: A horrific motorcycle crash in Cranston, Rhode Island caused multiple fractures to a couple. The husband suffered with rib fractures and multiple foot and toe fractures, amongst other injuries. His wife suffered multiple injuries from the bike accident including … Continue reading

$660,000.00 Pre-Trial Motorcycle Crash Settlement

A 61-year-old man underwent emergency surgery and a knee replacement procedure due to injuries sustained in a serious motorcycle accident. Continue reading


Warwick, RI Motorcycle Accident