$100,000 Slip and Fall in Salem, MA

Our Salem, MA client suffered personal injuries while getting out of her car in a parking lot that was neglected to be cleared of ice.

In December 2010, our client was visiting a shopping plaza with a passenger in the car when she parked to the left of the store. Her sister went to step out of the car but noticed the ground was very icy so our client drove closer to let her passenger exit the car. Minutes later while exiting the store, the passenger found our client lying on the ground on her back in severe pain.

According to the report, the ground next to where our client was lying was icy and had not been cleared. There were no signs of sand or salt nearby. Our client was transported to North Shore Hospital and was diagnosed with post traumatic osteoarthritis in her left ankle. She needed a corticosteroid injection and months of physical rehabilitation.

Our RI personal injury attorneys established that our client’s injuries were the fault of the store’s owner, which neglected to take proper care of the walkway and parking lot, creating a dangerous ice hazard for customers. As a result, our firm obtained $100,000 in settlement for our client’s personal injuries.