Practice Area Category: Slip and Fall

$77,000 Pawtucket

This Pawtucket slip and fall case involved an alleged violation of the Americans With Disabilities Act and settled the week before trial.

$100,000 Warwick, RI Slip and Fall

Our client was awakened in the night to a fire alarm while staying at a hotel and tripped over an unmarked curbstop at night, resulting in emergency surgery.

$100,000 Slip and Fall in Salem, MA

Our Salem, MA client suffered personal injuries while getting out of her car in a parking lot that was neglected to be cleared of ice. Continue reading

$125,000 Newport, RI

Our Newport, RI client suffered personal injuries when she tripped over a wheelstop in a café parking lot. Continue reading

$145,000 State of Rhode Island Slip and Fall On Ice

Our client suffered a complex wrist fracture resulting in external fixation in emergency surgery after slipping and falling on ice.

$150,000 Woonsocket Slip and Fall

Our Woonsocket, RI client slipped and fell in the parking lot of her apartment complex, resulting in a complete ACL knee tear. Continue reading

$150,000 Settlement

Our client suffered a personal injury resulting in trimalleolar ankle fractures. A settlement was reached after our firm filed suit.

$650,000.00 Pre-Trial RI Slip and Fall Settlement

$650,000.00 Pre-Trial RI Slip and Fall Settlement: Regional market failed to correct a leaky roof and entranceway, causing our client to sustain a devastating knee injury. Mike litigated this case through discovery over the course of several years.


Slip and Fall Settlement in Cranston, Rhode Island