$115,000 Motorcycle Accident Settlement

motocycle accident settlement

Attorney Mike Bottaro negotiated the maximum $115,000 settlement for our client who was severely injured in a motorcycle accident. Our client didn’t need to appear in court, so he could focus on recovering from his injuries.

Last spring, our 38-year-old client was returning home from his son’s little league game on his Ducati motorcycle when disaster struck.

Our client’s mother and his son were following behind him. They were just minutes from home. Suddenly, a careless driver took a left hand turn directly into our client’s lane, causing a violent impact with our client’s bike. The force of impact caused our client to twist his left foot on the bike’s peg and his body to fly over his handlebars and strike the pavement.

Rescue personnel quickly arrived at the motorcycle accident scene and transported our client to a local Rhode Island hospital. Our client received emergency care for multiple acute injuries from his head to toes. Fortunately, he was wearing a regulation helmet and motorcycle apparel.

Our client is a cancer survivor, father, and a veteran delivery man for a large company. His job requires constant travel and lifting of heavy packages. Both the emergency room physician and later his primary care physician noted significant soft tissue damage and limitations on his range of motion, in addition to deep bruising. Additionally, our client’s left ankle and foot suffered trauma requiring an orthopedic surgeon’s assessment. Due to his personal injuries, his physician kept him out of work and referred him for physical therapy.

As a result of this driver’s carelessness in failing to lookout for our motorcyclist (who was determined to have been traveling at under the speed limit with the right of way), our client incurred over seven (7) months of lost wages and thousands of dollars in medical bills. Also, his beloved bike was totaled.

Attorney Mike Bottaro immediately met with our client at his home on a weekend and handled the case from start to end with help from our team.

Happily, we witnessed our client make a slow but steady recovery and return to work.  Each step of the way, our team at the Bottaro Law Firm, LLC helped our client with obtaining maximum value for his bike, completing paperwork, and communicating with the insurance companies, doctors, and his employer.

Ultimately, Mike negotiated a maximum policy limit settlement for our client  through both the at fault party and the underinsured motorist insurance companies. We were pleased that throughout the process, our client did not need to appear in court and was able to concentrate on his recovery and family while we handled the legal issues.