$125,000 Newport, RI

Our Newport, RI client suffered personal injuries when she tripped over a wheelstop in a café parking lot.

In June 2006, our client was leaving a café after enjoying dinner with her family. As she was walking through the parking lot, our client noticed a large object blocking the walkway and moved to the right to avoid it. Because the parking lot did not have proper lighting and the wheelstops were the same color of the pavement, she did not see the wheelstop that had blended in with the parking lot pavement. She tripped over the wheelstop, falling to the ground with immediate pain and extensive bleeding.

Our client was transported to Newport Hospital by rescue and then transported to Rhode Island Hospital. As a result of tripping over the wheelstop, she suffered a femoral head fracture with subluxation of her left hip and an abrasion over her lower left leg. The injury required emergency total hip replacement surgery, home nursing care, and physical therapy.

Our Newport, RI personal injury attorneys established that the injuries sustained were the fault of the café, that had failed to paint all wheelstops another color and install proper lighting in the parking lot so the wheelstops were visible. As a result, our firm proceeded to obtain $125,000 in settlement for our client’s personal injuries.