$65,000 Chepachet, RI Motorcycle Accident Settlement

Our Chepachet client suffered personal injuries when his motorcycle was cut off by another vehicle.

In September 2013, the defendant was pulling out of a parking lot in Smithfield, RI, as our client, on a motorcycle, was traveling on Putnam Pike. According to police, the defendant braked suddenly to avoid hitting our client. Anticipating an accident, our client swerved, which caused his bike to fall over, and pin him underneath. As our client fell, his head struck the ground with great impact.

Our client was transported to Rhode Island Hospital for treatment of many personal injuries. He was diagnosed with a concussion resulting in headaches, nausea, and blurred vision, a right shoulder type II SLAP tear requiring an inter alia cortisone injection, a suprapatellar hematoma in his right knee, a laceration to the forehead and nose, and neck, elbow, and arm pain. He needed months of physical therapy.

Our law firm established that the accident was the fault of the defendant, who failed to see our client on his motorcycle as he proceeded to turn from the parking lot. As a result, our firm obtained $65,000 in settlement for our client’s personal injuries.