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Were you severely injured in a car accident in East Providence? A serious car wreck can turn your life upside down in a split second. You may be left with life-altering injuries that saddle you with costly medical bills and keep you from working as you recover.

Your injuries may even result in permanent disabilities that prevent you from returning to gainful employment or cause you a lifetime of physical pain and emotional stress. When you have incurred substantial expenses and losses from a car crash that was someone else’s fault, an East Providence car accident attorney can help you seek compensation and justice.

At Bottaro Injury Lawyers, our attorneys follow our firm’s guiding principle of always doing the right thing for you, our client. We know that insurance companies will always act in their own best interests, not yours. That’s why you need trusted, award-winning legal advocates who are prepared to go toe-to-toe with the big insurance companies to fight for the financial compensation you need and deserve.

Our legal staff stands ready 24/7 to quickly get to work investigating your case and preparing a claim for compensation on your behalf. Our dedication to our clients has enabled our firm to recover millions of dollars in compensation for injured victims of car accidents in East Providence and throughout Rhode Island.

When you have been injured in a car accident, turn to an East Providence car accident attorney from Bottaro Injury Lawyers to learn more about your legal rights and options for pursuing full compensation. With our firm’s No Fee Guarantee, you do not have to worry about paying upfront fees or hidden costs for our services. You pay us only if we win compensation for you through a settlement or a verdict in your favor at trial.

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Do You Have a Car Accident Case?

When you’re injured in a car accident due to another party’s careless or reckless behavior, you may be able to recover compensation for the losses you suffer as a result. For example, if a driver speeds and swerves recklessly on the highway and sideswipes your vehicle, that driver would likely be found liable for your losses.

You might also have a car accident claim if the crash was caused by an auto defect created by a negligent manufacturer or by a defective condition in the roadway that resulted from negligent road maintenance.

As long as you can prove that someone else’s negligent behavior led to your injuries and that you consequently suffered losses you could be financially compensated for, you likely have a case.

How Is Fault Determined After an East Providence Auto Accident?

At Bottaro Injury Lawyers, we work to identify the parties who can be held liable for your injuries and losses by reviewing evidence such as:

  • Accident scene photos and videos
  • Surveillance or traffic camera or dashcam footage of the crash
  • Eyewitness statements and testimony
  • Police accident reports and traffic or criminal citation records
  • Cell phone records for each of the drivers involved in the crash
  • Post-accident car inspection and repair reports
  • Accident reconstruction expert reports
  • Medical records from the treatment of injuries you suffered in the crash

Common Types of Car Accidents in East Providence

Examples of the types of car accidents that often occur in East Providence include:

  • Rear-end collisions
  • Sideswipe accidents
  • Head-on collisions
  • T-bone crashes
  • Intersection accidents
  • Parking lot and garage accidents
  • Highway and interstate accidents
  • Multi-vehicle pile-up accidents
  • Single-vehicle accidents
  • Uber and Lyft accidents
  • Drunk driving accidents
  • Drugged driving accidents
  • Distracted driving accidents
  • Hit-and-run crashes
  • Uninsured and underinsured motorist accidents
Common Types of Car Accidents in East Providence

Benefits of Hiring an East Providence Car Accident Lawyer

When you’re trying to recover from the injuries you suffered in a car accident, you likely don’t have the time or resources to also pursue a legal claim for compensation. An East Providence car accident lawyer from Bottaro Injury Lawyers can help you by:

  • Quickly launching an investigation into the motor vehicle accident you were involved in to secure evidence needed to establish your right to compensation for your injuries and losses
  • Documenting the injuries and expenses you incur because of the car wreck
  • Identifying liable parties and applicable insurance coverages that you may be entitled to recover compensation from
  • Going over your legal rights and options with you and helping you to determine the best path or strategy forward in your case
  • Keeping you up-to-date on the developments in your car accident claim as they occur
  • Working with accident reconstruction experts and other expert witnesses to build a strong, persuasive car accident case
  • Filing your car accident claim with the insurance companies to begin aggressively negotiating for a settlement that provides you with the full financial recovery you deserve
  • Pursuing a car accident lawsuit on your behalf, including going to trial, if necessary, to ensure we leave no stone unturned in fighting for the best possible outcome for you

What Compensation Can Be Recovered?

You may be entitled to recover compensation for the expenses and losses you endure because of the accident, such as:

  • Costs of medical treatment and rehabilitation, including hospital bills, surgeries, physical and occupational therapy, or prescriptions
  • Loss of wages or income when you take time off work to treat your car accident injuries
  • Loss of future earnings and work benefits if you’re unable to return to work after an accident because of your injuries or resulting disabilities
  • Physical pain and emotional distress from the accident and your injuries, as well as from the subsequent medical procedures and rehabilitation you undergo to treat your injuries.
  • Lost enjoyment and quality of life due to disfigurement or scarring, physical disabilities, or reduced life expectancy caused by your injuries
  • The cost of repairing or replacing your car or other property that was damaged or destroyed in the accident

Time Limit for Filing a Car Accident Lawsuit in East Providence

In Rhode Island, the statute of limitations under state law typically requires a car accident lawsuit to be filed within three years of the crash. If you file suit against an at-fault driver or other liable party after that deadline, you face the likelihood that the trial court will permanently dismiss your lawsuit. When that happens, you will lose your right to seek compensation from those responsible for your injuries and losses.

Common Car Accident Injury Cases We Handle

A car accident attorney in East Providence from Bottaro Injury Lawyers can help you recover financially, physically, and emotionally from car accident injuries such as:

  • Skin injuries, including severe lacerations, abrasions, and avulsions
  • Post-accident car fire injuries, including burns and smoke inhalation
  • Broken bones
  • Dislocated joints
  • Ligament, tendon, and muscle injuries
  • Whiplash
  • Nerve damage
  • Herniated discs
  • Spinal cord injuries and paralysis
  • Internal organ damage and internal bleeding
  • Facial injuries, including eye injury
  • Head and traumatic brain injuries
  • Traumatic amputations

What to Do After a Car Accident

After you have been involved in a car accident, you should try to remember the following steps to help preserve your rights and options for later pursuing compensation in a legal claim:

  • See a doctor as soon as you can following the car accident to get checked for any injuries you may have suffered. Take photos of any visible injuries.
  • Take photos or videos of the car accident scene, including photos of vehicle damage, skid marks, traffic signals and controls, and the weather, lighting, and traffic conditions at the time of the accident.
  • Follow treatment instructions from your doctor or other healthcare providers for your car accident injuries.
  • Keep records of expenses you incur because of the accident, such as medical treatment and rehabilitation or vehicle repairs. Also, make sure to have copies of your income records if you have missed time from work following the auto accident.
  • Start a journal to document how your injuries and medical treatment cause you physical pain, emotional distress, or otherwise negatively impact your quality of life.
  • Avoid posting about the accident, your injuries, or your car accident case on social media. Also, try to avoid posting photos or videos of yourself while still recovering from injuries that have disabled you from working or performing daily tasks. Insurance companies often monitor car accident victims’ social media accounts for posts they can use to undercut the injured victim’s claim.
  • Speak with an East Providence auto accident attorney at Bottaro Injury Lawyers to discuss the actions you and our legal team should take to begin building and pursuing your car accident claim.

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