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When you get into a taxi in Rhode Island, you are putting your safety in the driver’s hands – and it does not always work out for passengers.

Taxi drivers work long hours and put a lot of wear and tear on their vehicles, making an accident more likely. Even if a taxi driver is as careful as possible and keeps their vehicle in good condition, you could still end up in an accident due to another driver’s carelessness. No matter how a taxi accident happens, victims are frequently left with severe injuries and expensive medical bills.

The Rhode Island taxi accident lawyers at Bottaro Law want to help if you were injured in a crash involving a taxi that wasn’t your fault. Our firm only works on personal injury cases. That focus helps us provide the best possible service to our clients. If you hire our firm to represent you, we will make the process as painless as possible while aggressively upholding your rights.

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How Common Are Taxi Accidents in Rhode Island?

According to the latest Strategic Highway Safety Plan from the Rhode Island Department of Transportation, 67 people died, and another 287 people suffered serious injuries in car accidents statewide during one recent year. Unfortunately, there is no information on how many of these injuries and fatalities occurred in taxi accidents, though it is safe to say the number is greater than zero.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports 47 fatal injuries to taxi drivers and chauffeurs across the country in one recent year, and 25 of those fatalities were attributed to “roadway incidents.”

Types of Injuries That May Result from Rhode Island Taxi Accidents

As with any car crash, a taxi accident can cause severe injuries to anyone involved. Those injuries might include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries, including paraplegia and quadriplegia
  • Neck injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Burns
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Severed, crushed, or amputated limbs
  • Injuries to internal organs
  • Internal bleeding
  • Broken bones
  • Soft-tissue injuries
  • Psychological distress
  • Wrongful death

What Types of Damages Are Available to Taxi Accident Victims?

A taxi accident can cause serious injuries, significant financial losses, and severe emotional distress, taking a considerable toll on all aspects of your life. But by hiring a Rhode Island taxi accident attorney, you may be able to recover compensation for many of these losses, including:

  • Medical bills (hospital stays, doctor’s appointments, prescription drugs, lab tests, diagnostic imaging, physical therapy, etc.)
  • Lost wages while you are healing from the accident
  • Reduced future earnings due to a long-term disability
  • Pain from your injuries
  • Emotional and psychological distress related to the accident (anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, nightmares, flashbacks, PTSD, etc.)
  • Cost of transportation to attend your doctor’s appointments
  • Personal property damaged in the accident

Who Is Responsible for a Rhode Island Taxicab Accident?

Depending on the circumstances of a taxi accident, several parties could be liable for your injuries, and multiple parties could share liability. Potentially responsible parties in a Rhode Island taxi accident include:

  • The taxi driver – If the taxi driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, distracted, driving aggressively, fatigued, or otherwise negligent, they could be held liable for the crash. That is true whether you were in a taxi or you were in another vehicle that collided with the cab.
  • The taxi company – If the taxi company failed to maintain the vehicle, hired a driver with a poor safety record, or failed to monitor a driver for potentially dangerous behavior (such as alcohol or drug use), they could be found negligent and therefore liable for an accident. If the driver was an employee – not an independent contractor, regardless of the label – the taxi company would be vicariously liable for the driver’s negligence.
  • Car or parts manufacturers – If a mechanical defect contributed to a taxi accident, the company that made the vehicle or the defective part could be liable for the crash through a product liability claim.
  • Other drivers – Sometimes, a taxi accident is the fault of whoever was driving the other vehicle involved in the collision. In cases like this, the driver of the other vehicle can be held liable for your injuries.
  • Government agencies – If roads are not properly designed, constructed, and maintained, the defective road surface can make an accident more likely. In that case, the government agency responsible for maintaining the road could be liable for the crash.

Contact an attorney immediately if you have questions about who may be liable for a taxi accident.

Who Is Responsible for a Rhode Island Taxicab Accident?

Causes of Rhode Island Taxi Accidents

Some of the most common causes of taxi accidents in Rhode Island include:

  • Taxi drivers who are impaired by drugs or alcohol, distracted, speeding, driving aggressively, or fatigued
  • Other drivers on the road who are impaired by drugs or alcohol, distracted, speeding, driving aggressively, or fatigued
  • Defective or worn parts
  • Poor road conditions
  • Bad weather

How Bottaro Law Can Help You After a Rhode Island Taxi Accident

Our Rhode Island taxi accident attorneys want to help you after a serious collision. Here are a few ways our firm can help after an accident:

  • Investigating the accident to determine who is liable for your injuries
  • Documenting the full extent of your losses, including physical, mental, and financial injuries caused by the accident
  • Gathering evidence to support your case
  • Filing your claim and possibly your lawsuit quickly to avoid any issues with the statute of limitations on personal injury lawsuits
  • Negotiating with the insurance companies to reach a fair settlement
  • Bringing your case to trial should settlement negotiations fail
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