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By focusing on car accident law in our local Rhode Island and Massachusetts communities, Mike knows how to help you right away following an auto accident. The firm handles car accident cases everyday. Because the insurance companies are looking out for their interests in saving costs, you need someone on your side. The Bottaro Law Firm levels the playing field.

Our Values: Honesty. Integrity. Results.
There are important time deadlines and things to do in the days following an accident. Speaking to an insurance company before your lawyer can cost you dearly. Mike has staked his top rated reputation on helping you with these details so that you can stayed focused on what matters most: getting better. Contact RI car accident lawyer Mike Bottaro for free right now and experience the difference at The Bottaro Law Firm.

What are your rights? Do you have a case? What is your case worth?

You deserve a top rated, experienced personal injury lawyer to expertly answer your questions at no cost and to provide you with the best legal representation. top-rated When you contact Mike for free 24/7, you can discuss your specific car accident issues and get help immediately.

“I knew I was in the right place as soon as I contacted Mike after my accident. I can’t recommend him enough.”

Who can help deal with bills and other common problems?

While dealing with the physical pain and suffering of personal injuries, you may suffer lost wages from missed time at work.  Suddenly, your car needs to be properly repaired and the insurance company is dragging their feet. “Friendly” claims adjusters are calling you for recorded statements and to convince you to sign away your personal injury legal rights. And soon medical bills will begin arriving at your door. You may even be harassed by bill collectors.  The Bottaro Law Firm is a group of professionals who understand all of these problems after a car accident. Everyday, the firm helps people with these issues and can help you.

Are you being victimized twice?

Are you making your car accident worse by either: (1) not retaining a top car accident law firm; or, (2) hiring the wrong lawyer.

Without the right RI auto accident lawyer on your side, you simply will not know your full legal rights or protect these rights, let alone make a fair recovery as fast as possible.

Insurance companies will often try to avoid fully disclosing your rights and providing fair compensation. We have compiled “Insurance’s 5 Best Kept Secrets” to help consumers.

Will delay hurt my case?

Yes. Immediately after a car accident, there is important work to do to properly prepare your case. From his past experiences working for and against insurance companies, Mike can help you make smart choices after your auto accident.

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